Exercise Routines

Read this disclaimer first before starting any exercise routine

Before you can even think about what your Workout Routine should consist of, you need to consider a couple of different factors to ensure you are getting the most out of each and every workout.

1. What is your starting place?

When was the last time you seriously worked out? What is your ratio of fat to muscle? Are you physically active in sports on a daily basis? Have you ever worked out before? Can you run a mile without stopping? How about a half mile?  A quarter? Can you walk to the mailbox and back without being winded?

These are all important factors to consider before setting up a work out routine. A person who has a decent amount of muscle mass, an ex-athlete for example, could start out with a more rigorous routine than a person who’s not been physically active since the Clinton administration. So you have to be honest with yourself. The worst thing you could do is get a serious injury because you pushed yourself too fast. Body builders, marathon runners, sports athletes etc have all been physically active for years but even they started out somewhere.

2. How intense do you “bring it” while working out?

This by itself will be the difference between losing 2 lbs a week and 4. The harder you work out, the more calories you’ll burn. You will need to adjust not only your routine but also what you eat according to how hard you push yourself. Most people I see at the gym are working out at about 60% capacity and using incorrect technique. If you aren’t going to work hard and the right way, why do it at all?

3. What are you trying to achieve?

Are you flabby and want to lose weight or are you thin and want to gain muscle? These two options are on the complete opposite end of the “work out” spectrum and will take different approaches to achieve results. For example, to get cut or lose weight, you’ll need to reduce  your daily calorie intake and work out extremely hard. To gain muscle, you’ll need to eat a lot of protein and carbs, lift heavy weights and do light intensity cardio.

Once you figure out where you stand in the above questions it won’t be hard to develop a routine that best fits your “needs and wants”. It’s not as hard as it sounds but you need to start out right or you will waste precious time or cause an injury. If you need assistance in creating a personalized routine designed for your needs, email me at DIY.Fitness.info@gmail.com.

Here are three different routines that I created personally:

Resistance Training for Beginners

Resistance Training for Intermediates

Resistance Training for the Advanced


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