General Information

On this page you will find information pertaining to the basic keys to a successful Fitness Plan. Though I have done extensive research on these topics, they are just my opinions. I will do my best to back up my opinion with as many facts and links as possible, but you should always consult a physician first before starting a new Nutrition/ Fitness Plan.

There are many factors that go into making a plan that will work not only for your budget and time but also any conditions you might have i.e. High Blood Pressure, High cholesterol, Diabetes, allergies to certain foods, etc. The fact is you might have some of these conditions and not even know it. Say if you have High cholesterol and weren’t aware. You then started pounding back hard-boiled eggs for protein like candy…that would not be good. It’s best to find out where you stand health wise before changing things up.

Again, these are just basic topics that will help you create the Fitness Plan that works best for you. If you are having trouble finding that perfect match or are just overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there then I would be happy to help you. Just send me an email at and we will tackle it together!



Sodium Intake

How Much You Should Eat

Portion Control

Food Products You Should Try and Avoid- Peanut Butter


Low and High Intensity Cardio: There is a difference.

Exercises for Beginners

Personal Trainers Suck


Time Management

Diet Fads Are Flabs

Poor Self Image? You’re Not The Only One


3 thoughts on “General Information

  1. Hi my name is Gia Ryles and I am 17 I weigh almost 400lbs. And I have tried a diet but it seems so difficult and I would love to lose 100 lbs I just don’t know where to start!!!

    • Gia, thanks for the comment. Yeah I understand that most diets are hard and they don’t work. If you are seeking a diet that will help you lose weight honestly, you are starting in the wrong place. The first place you should start is with yourself. Before I was ready to lose 100 pounds I had to be ready to give up many of the foods i loved to eat. Im being very honest, if you want to lose weight but are unwilling to put down the foods that helped get you to nearly 400 lbs than you have found the problem.

      Food is fuel for the body. If you can think more of “What do I need to eat to make my body work” and less “what treat can i give myself today cause I worked out” then your chance for success is much greater.

      So where to start. First, get mentally ready. (hint: just do it. Don’t spend minutes, hours or days. JUST DO IT). Right your goals down. Put them on your wall, your fridge, bathroom. Once you are mentally ready I suggest two simple things:

      1. Eat less crap and more healthy food. You dont have to starve yourself or eat some gross organic meal plan. Just eat less and eat more healthy foods. Eat lean protein, greens, good carbs and drink water. As you lose weight and get in better shape you’ll want to eat better.

      2. Get active. If you can walk, walk..everyday. And everyday try to walk farther and farther. Then walk faster and faster eventually moving into a jog. This may take days, months or even a year. Once you get more active, go buy a couple dumbbells and start some muscle building exercises. Go hiking, bike riding, throw a football around. ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING.

      Its that simple. Losing weight is about dedication and making good choices. Every once in a while have something that isn’t healthy but the key is just don’t make it a “treat”. Train yourself to understand that food isn’t a treat, it’s fuel.

      Hope that helps and good luck!

  2. Welldone on a tough workout ,tonight laedis,great improvements all round,see u all on friday night at 7.30 :)great to see u all back after ur little break,and great to see some new faces.

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