Before you go organic stop and think: “Why am I doing this?”

Eating organic is a social trend these days. Kind of like CrossFit and gluten free foods, people are buying up organic food without doing their research or asking the most important question of all- why?

Their best friend is eating organic so they are. Your Facebook friends and Pinterest alike have thousands of recipes on how to eat organic, but few tell you the why. Making matters worse or better, depending how you see things, Whole Foods and Trader Joes have finally made organic food readily accessible and even somewhat cheap (or manageable).

But a word to the wise, before you head over to your favorite organic store and spend $300 on groceries in one week, ask yourself why you are going organic because the answer will determine your longevity.

Doing something for the right reason will always lead to success. Transversely, if you choose something for the wrong reason, at some point the walls will come crashing down around you, either due in regret or boredom. Why do you think so many gym memberships go unused each month/year? It’s not because the gym is bad, but people get motivated quickly and unmotivated even faster.

Reasons why NOT to eat organic

Because your friends are doing it. This is the classic if your friend is jumping off a cliff would you follow them example. Peer pressure will by in large only lead to an initial change in habit and not long term success. Eating organic foods can be expensive and buying them overwhelming, and if you’re only doing it for social reasons, you’ll never last.

You read some post like this on Facebook. This can be the start of a good reason to eat organic, but not enough in it of itself. If you find posts like this interesting, don’t stop here. Go read more, do your research, and find out the deeper reasons why organic foods are better for you.

You think you’re going to die of cancer because conventional foods cause cancer. Fear will get you no where in life, at least long term. It’s true, there are theories out there that the chemicals in our foods are causing cancer, but there has yet to be any significant research done to prove they actually cause cancer.

You want to save nature. Okay, this one may get me in trouble, but eating organic won’t save the ozone or keep the ice caps from melting. This can be certainly part of a reason, but when rubber (money) meets the road, which one will win? Nature or your wallet?

So what are some good reasons?

Honestly, I can’t make that list for you because you need to make the decision for yourself. Personally, my wife and I feel that the healthiest way for our family to live is to rid our daily diets of as many processed foods as possible, starting with processed carbs and sugar. We’ve done our research and decided as a family to eat as organic as possible.

We know what foods should be organic and which ones aren’t as important. We know that the no-gluten trend is largely BS. We know the price differences of organic foods at Public, Trader Joes, and Whole Foods. We believe that meat and dairy are not the cause of cancer but GMO’s may be. And lastly, which is probably the most significant reason, our budget affords us the opportunity to take on this life style.

We don’t buy organic deodorant or hair products. We don’t make our own clothes, drive electric cars, or buy only locally grown foods. We  certainly aren’t on a crusade to fix the planet but our motivation is to provide a healthy environment for our children that is less about food and more about activity. For those reasons, I believe we will last because they aren’t selfish or based on social trends.

Maybe one day we find out conventionally grown foods, fast foods, and processed carbs aren’t he cause for diabetes, obesity and heart disease in this country. Perhaps we find out GMO’s aren’t slowly killing us. But until that day comes, I’ll take the warning signs and live a healthier, more organic lifestyle and honestly I hope you do too.

Be well

Here are some helpful reading/watching materials that guided my family in making this decision. I hope they help you as well.

Gary Taubes: Why we are fat. Video. Book. Great info on the science behind fat loss and gain.

Forks Over Knives documentary This movie led us to try the vegetarian lifestyle for a month. However, reading Gary Taubes forced us to leave this diet because you have to eat tons of carbs on an all veggie diet.

Fed Up documentary. A movie on child obesity and how sugar is killing us.

Super Size Me documentary. A look at how deadly fast food can be and why we should never, ever eat it.





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