It’s Been Five Years Since I Lost 100 lbs

Next week marks the five year anniversary of my journey to losing 100 lbs and oh what a journey it has been. There have been some very high highs and also some extremely low lows, and not all revolved around my weight. What people won’t tell you is there’s a lot more that comes with losing weight then just being able to fit into smaller clothes. There’s an emotional and mental change that follows, and that can be the hardest thing to overcome. The balance between self deprecation (hating yourself because you’re overweight) and narcissism (becoming obsessed with your new found thinner body) was far more difficult to handle then I ever imagined..

For sure, I landed in the gutter a few times but thanks to the support of an amazing wife, along with great family and friends, I eventually rediscovered the Lyell I always wanted to be. The guy who was a lazy 330 lb slob that would rather sit on the couch, watch TV, and eat pizza all day, has turned into a man who finds joy in exercise, who wakes up at 5 am to work out, runs with his kids after work, eats healthy, and hopefully motivates others to change there lives in a similar fashion.

The greatest lesson I have learned the past five years is that to be truly successful, in weight loss and life, one must be willing to do almost anything to survive. Building up walls and saying, “I’ll never do that” instantly eliminates an opportunity to grow and hinders your ability to reach your goals.

Never say:

* I’ll never wake up early to work out because one day you may be forced to.

* I hate ::insert vegetable here:: and will never eat it because your palate will change over time and you’ll need variety in your diet to stay focused. Also, don’t be so bull headed to think you’ll never like something…

* I’ll never try ::insert exercise program here:: because you may find yourself one rainy day watching Crossfit games for the first time and your idea of what is exercise will forever be altered.

Always be willing to adjust your life’s routine so that your diet and fitness plan stay a part of your life’s routine. The most detrimental thing to your weight-loss goals will be stopping. Change, evolve, adjust, or maintain, but never give up because things get tough.

This past week I started to take my son and daughter on a run after work (my desire is to incorporate my children into my exercise) and as a treat the park when we’re finished. Yesterday, after about a mile, my daughter who was riding her bike, began to get tired and started to complain. As she whined and pleased for us to stop I, in the most loving way possible, said to her, “Baby, don’t get upset and frustrated when things get tough; just because something is hard, doesn’t mean it’s bad”.

Literally, that’s the best advice I could ever give someone. Don’t give up because things turn bad or impossible. Use that moment to grow and learn something about yourself and then turn that frustration into a positive. Then, when you’re faced with another difficult situation, you’ll have the confidence in knowing you’ve already defeated the demon once and know you can do it again.


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