My Faith and Weight-loss. Yes They Are Connected

My readers may not know this but I am a Christian, a husband to a wonderful wife and a father to an amazing little girl (and soon to be a baby boy). Honestly, A Hundred Pounds Lost is not a political or religious website. I didn’t create this blog to push an agenda on things not linked to health related issues. However, this is a blog about me and my life. So every once in a while I’ll speak about my life and the world around me. In the end, you don’t have to agree with me but at least respect my heart.

At times I can be harsh and according to my wife, preachy. For instance my latest post, I’m Pissed For A Very Good Reason, is a perfect example of my passions running rampant through my fingers. If that post offended anyone, I apologize. I don’t mean to be this way, I really don’t. I just believe I was put on this earth for a reason and I can’t sit by and watch people slowly die and not say anything.

Enter my faith. As a Christian I believe in a higher power. I believe we were put on this earth to not only serve God but also serve his people, the people he created. If I sit by and never share the Gospel with unbelievers, what would that say about me and my “faith”? And if I sit by and say nothing I feel I will be held accountable for this. Conversely, if I sit by and say nothing about someones unhealthy lifestyle, and they later die due to that lifestyle, again I feel accountable for that. Hence my passion.

A little background:

When I started losing weight three years ago, I never knew how much effect losing 100 pounds would have on my life and my faith. All I wanted to do is lose some weight. Who knew how bad things would get? Just how bad was it? Well, instead of my faith driving my weight loss, I became selfish and inward focused. All I cared about was losing weight and how I looked. It became my life. And this selfish attitude almost destroyed my marriage. Thank God I realized my sin before things came tumbling down around me.

The Bible is very clear that all things are meaningless if not centered around Christ. It is all vanity.

I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind. Ecclesiastes 1:14

I could lose all the weight, write a ton of blog posts, help people lose thousands of pounds, become famous for these efforts and all that would be meaningless, like chasing the wind, if my focus was on selfish desires. For nearly three years I was just running in circles trying to catch something that wasn’t attainable. And it took almost losing everything to realize just how off centered I had become.

Just like losing 100 pounds, coming to the end of myself has been and will continue to be a long, hard process with many ups and downs. But now that my life is centered correctly my perspective has changed. I see now that my faith and my health are directly connected. Instead of fighting against each other, they work side by side with my faith leading the way. That my passion for saving physical lives can also be connected with a person’s spiritual life as well. I have no idea what this will look like. I do not have a plan. I just know if I sit idly by, watching people die, I will somehow be held accountable.

Be blessed,


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