Lyell’s 12 Week Challenge “End of Week 3”

Well I’m down 14 lbs. The weight-loss has slowed signficantly but that’s expected. Let’s be honest here, averaging 4.6 lbs a week is solid. I’m telling you the Biggest Loser has created this “I have to lose 14 lbs a week or I’m a failure” mindset. BTW, I hate that show with the passion of 1000 angry gods.

Anyways, everything is going really well. The before and after pictures are keeping me motivated. The workouts are still killer and after 3 weeks the combo of weight-lifting and high protein diet is starting to show in the amount of muscle mass I’m gaining. I had to move up a notch on the belt loop (sweet), the love handles are disappearing slowly (damn you you stupid handles of love) and according to my wife, every morning I look skinny. So there’s that.

At this point, after eating 6 meals a day of protein and carb, I’ve gotten over the idea that food is supposed to taste good. GOD I CAN’T WAIT TILL I CAN HAVE SOMETHING THAT TASTES LIKE THE DEW FROM HEAVEN aka a Snickers Bar. To keep my sanity, I have been treating myself to a cheat meal every Sunday. And what’s a better treat than STEAK? Hint: THERE ISN’T ONE. Ribeye, New York Strip etc and I don’t care one bit if it’s fatty. That steak is my pat on the back for a week of dry chicken and brown rice.

So on to Week 4 I go.


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