Lyell’s 12 Week Challenge “Week 1” In the Books

Seven days down, seventy-seven to go. Eight pounds down, not really sure how many to go.

Normally, I would be totally stoked about losing 8 lbs in a single week but unfortunately, I already lost those pounds once. Yep, I had gained 15 lbs back from the 100 I had lost. So, I won’t feel the same satisfaction until I get under 225, again. That said, I’M TOTALLY EXCITED I LOST 8 lbs IN A SINGLE WEEK. Not only did I lose the weight, I did it the right way. I didn’t starve myself, skip meals or punish my body with 2 hour sessions at the gym. I maybe only spent an hour a day exercising which is the exact opposite approach I use to take.

I tell you though the weekend was tough. This is a strict diet with no cheat days built-in. So when Friday night came around I really wanted to go out to EAT. Cravings for sugar and something other than a meat, carb and veggie hit like a freight train mid day Friday but I’m glad to say I resisted. I treated myself Sunday night to a huge Ribeye steak on the grill and was rewarded handsomely. Learning to eat more often took some getting use to as well but I have it pretty well figured out by now..

A few thoughts..

– I switched to Black Beans after a few days after eating primarily Brown Rice and I found the change of pace to be motivating. Unfortunately, I also found that Black Beans don’t digest as quickly and I wasn’t hungry every two hours like when I was eating Brown Rice. So, making sure I’m getting a balance between the two is important.

– I HATE WORKING OUT AT 7 AM. I’m a morning person but I don’t like the idea of getting up right away and being active. I want my coffee and some time to wake up. I do enjoy the family walks I take with my wife and kid at night. That’s been probably my favorite part of this plan.

– 12 weeks is a long time. 84 days seems even longer. I know I’m gonna cheat on my diet at some point but I’m striving for after I’m under 220.

– Eating is now a chore and not something I look forward to. In a way that’s depressing but in another light is liberating. I’m no longer timing my daily events around one meal….just 6 or 7 :)

– A mea culpa is coming on my stance on low-calorie diets…Time to eat crow.

– The before and after pictures after just a week shocked me. I won’t post them cause there’s still too much flab but man, I looked different. Not good but different :) Can’t wait to see what they look like next week..

On to the next week!


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