Last Night Was More Than Just A Game

 If you think football is just about a game than you’ve never been to Tuscaloosa or met an Alabama fan. This is a town that is defined by its University. They are indeed one. Roll Tide signs are everywhere and the very culture of the town is deeply soaked in Crimson and White. This isn’t just a typical college town. When tornadoes ripped through the city in April 2011,  football was the last thing on people’s minds. With hundreds dead and the city in near ruins, it was left to the University and the very people who are the heart beat of Tuscaloosa to heal each others wounds.

Fast forward nine months at the end of last nights National Championship game, head coach Nick Saban walked into his  locker room and the words he spoke had a deeper meaning than he could ever know or maybe he did.

“Men, tonight …WE healed OUR pain”.

Yes it’s just a game. The outcome didn’t erect buildings or replace lives but it gave the city a much needed shot of hope. There is still work to be done all over the state of Alabama but last nights game was the final step in healing a city that has dealt with so much pain and agony.

Roll Tide







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