“Holiday Weight”… It Sucks

Alright let’s be honest, how many pounds did you gain over the Holidays? 3 lbs? 5? 10?! Did you go completely nuts and gain 20? Though you may be kicking yourself (or the scale) the fact is it doesn’t really matter. The weight has been gained and you aren’t going to just blink and the fat will be gone. Seriously don’t stress too much. With a few adjustments and a little hard work you’ll be back to your old self in no time.

Now, I said a couple of weeks ago that my goal was to enter the New Year just under 240 lbs. Well, I started out last Monday December 26th at 247 and ended up around 241. How did I lose 6 lbs in a week? Did I starve myself? Did I do nothing but cardio? Did I take diuretics all week? (That last one sounds painful btw) The answer is “None of the above”.

Real talk: I didn’t gain 20 lbs by eating healthy foods and neither did you.

So it stands to reason, if you want to lose your “Holiday weight” you need to avoid the foods that caused you to gain the weight. (duh) To lose 6 lbs in a week I literally did the exact opposite of the weeks before. I ate right, cut my carb intake WAY down (to make up for the sheer amount of ridiculousness I ate during Christmas) and amp’d up my workouts. I didn’t starve myself and certainly didn’t take diet pills.

My exercise wasn’t ridiculous either (at least for my standards). Sure I started to run more but that was something I’ve been needing to increase for a while. In seven days, I lifted weights 3 times (with sprints) and did cardio sessions twice . I didn’t jump on the elliptical and attempt to burn all the weight off with a marathon 2 hour session. I started out slowly and increased the intensity every day. Truth be told, it was the combination of a healthy diet AND the right exercise that brough success.

Obviously, results may very but if you are looking to drop some weight and start the New Year out right, you have to change. If you aren’t just trying to lose “Holiday weight” but pounds you’ve been gaining for years, the idea is the same. Look at what you’re currently eating and cut the crap (both literally and figuratively). Sorry to be so blunt but it’s the truth. I didn’t lose 100 lbs by eating McDonald’s 3 times a week and you won’t either.


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