Comfort Foods: Sick or Sad They Make You Feel Better


When you hear the phrase “Comfort Food” what do you think of? Maybe you day-dream of a dish you ate at every Christmas dinner. Perhaps a meal your grandmother made and no one makes it like she did. Every kid has a dish that their mom makes that any other person would find disgusting but to you, its home. Is it something you reached for when times got tough or when you went out to celebrate? Do you think of something sweet or savory?

For me its Sausage Gravy with homemade biscuits that my Mammaw made like no one else. It’s the perfect combination of southern cooking and food made with love. I’m 30 years old and I have eaten that dish 100’s of times. In fact, I have spent years learning how to make it just like she did. But no matter how hard I try and no mater how many times I make it, the taste is never the same.

I also love Brownies. Any kind, made any way. To this day, I bet I could eat a whole pan of brownies all by myself…in one sitting. It reminds me of playing Mexican Train at the Heidlers and we always made brownies. Miss you guys..

Spaghetti reminds me of Christmas Eve dinners. I’ll be eating that again in just a week.

Chili reminds me of my dad. Heck I can count 50 meals that remind me of him.

Pot Roast brings back memories of my Mom.

Cheerios was something my Grandparents ALWAYS had in their pantry. It always had to be eaten with a grape fruit. They had those neat spoons that were made specially for eating grape fruit. You know the ones with the serrated end?

Mountain Dew is something I associate with my weight gain so it typically brings back bad memories.

I don’t know what it is about food but it has a way of bringing back the best and sometimes the worst memories. And I simply refuse to replace some of these memories with “healthy” versions. I still make sausage and gravy with good quality sausage and I use plenty of butter (or lard if I have it) for the biscuits. Has anyone ever heard of good tasting, fat-free brownies? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Spaghetti sauce will be made with tomatoes, garlic, salt, fresh basil and REAL (not wheat) noodles. I will always put a little sugar on my grape fruit to cut the acid.

Point is just because I’ve lost 100 lbs doesn’t mean I have to eat like a rabbit. Just because I’m changing my life doesn’t mean I have to hate it as well. I ate a lot of these meal while I was losing all that weight and I’ll continue to do so for many years to come. I just didn’t eat them every day or every week for that matter. So if I can give you one tip of how to enjoy your life its this: ENJOY YOUR LIFE. You can lose weight AND eat some your favorite meals at the same time. They are called “Comfort Meals” for a reason. Don’t take away the very thing that brings joy to your life.







2 thoughts on “Comfort Foods: Sick or Sad They Make You Feel Better

  1. Your story is very inspiring!I’m rooting for you! I have not lost a bunch of weight,but I try to maintain my current weight. Which is not always easy for a southern gal! I’ve found that I tend to pick up weight when I don’t drink my daily water. I try to have 4 or 5 small bottles of distilled water everyday. It really makes a big difference!

    • Thank you!Maintaining your weight can actually be harder than losing. It takes more discipline for sure. I drink at least 64 oz of water a day. Keep it up!

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