The Scale (in .GIF form)

Every morning I wake up, take care of my daily “business” and step on the scale. It can either be an exiliarating or extremely frustrating process. The following is a representation of the emotions and reactions that follow:

At first if I’ve lost weight I’m typically like:

BUT if  somehow I didn’t lose weight or possibly even gained then it may look like something like this:

Cause obviously I SHOULD HAVE LOST WEIGHT. So there must be something wrong with the scale, right? So the blood pressure starts to rise and on the inside im like..

On the outside my face is like “Whaaaa?”

Since the scale is broken and needs to be adjusted I decide to step off the scale..gently kick it..move it..pick it up.. (Cause you know that helps) then get back on and do one of these:

If its good news (My weight dropped like .10 of a lb) I’m feeling very..

If its bad news which includes but is not limited to: weight went up, weight stayed the same or I get the dreaded “Error Message”. Then Im all..


“SCREW THIS CRAP IM DONE WHY DO I EVEN WORK SO HARD FOR NOTHING ARGHHH!!!!! Steps 3-4 could repeat a few times and for about 10-15 minutes I may act like a child…

I typically have to say to my wife

After a while, I pull myself together.. make a plan, head to the gym and I’m very

And this is my life (at least when it comes to the scale) in .gif form.


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