A New Name But Same Direction

You may have noticed a few changes to DIY Fitness over the last couple days. Well, for starters I have changed the name from “DIY Fitness” to “A Hundred Pounds Lost”. Why? Well, over the last few months, I’ve been transitioning from a “Fitness Trainer” life to just a guy who lost a lot of weight the right way and wants to share his story. I’m still up for helping people any way I can but the tone has changed.

Simply put “A Hundred Pounds Lost” is more about Lyell’s journey than some guy trying to act like he knows everything about fitness and exercise (even though I do hehe). You’ll see more humor, sarcasm and an overall lighter spirit but don’t worry, my strong opinions haven’t changed :)

Hopefully you like the new look and name. More importantly, I hope that you are inspired by my story and see that through hard work and determination, you can change your life too.


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