Why I “Hate” The Holiday Season

Turkey, cakes, chocolate, egg nog, banana bread, brownies, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, pecan pie, ham, stuffing, cookies, green bean casserole, cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate, fudge, sugar cookies, icing, and the roast beast. Starting to get the point? Wait, there’s more. I just got back from a Christmas party where there was an open buffet of  lamb chops, shrimp (boiled and fried), crackers with Brie cheese (with a Pear and a small nut on top), an open bar, crab cakes, pork tenderloin, lamb with bleu cheese (rolled in a wong ton), steak Kabobs and an endless amount of one bite deserts that included but not limited to: Brownie, apple pie, banana bread, cheese cake and some kind of delicious custard. On that 3 day trip alone I ate from the above mentioned buffet AND : Biscuits and gravy, pizza (two days), Wendy’s, Burger King, French Toast, and more banana bread.

It’s 9:28 am on Monday December 12th…I ate two eggs this morning and I’M UNCOMFORTABLY FULL. Like “About to throw up” full. (I wonder why?) In the past three days I gained 5 pounds and I even worked out on Saturday night before the party. The kicker was that this past trip to Atlanta was just two weeks after I went to Atlanta for Thanksgiving.  What really bothers me is that since Nov. 24th I have gained 10 lbs. This is why I HATE THE HOLIDAY season.

The past 3 months I have yo-yo’d between 230 and 239. This wasn’t a big deal to me cause I was still working out and I had reached a comfortable point where I could eat anything I wanted and could stay at a reasonable weight. Well, the last 2 weeks sent me over the deep end, as I have now officially gained 20 lbs. UGH. My love handles are back, my pants don’t really fit anymore and I had to move up a notch on my belt. I am not comfortable in any of my clothes and that really pisses me off. Truth is I can’t blame the Holiday Season for the full 20 lbs. I have gone over food crazy over the past few months and the blame rest solely on my shoulders. It’s cool, I got this. (But can I blame my wife’s pregnancy??)

With two weeks left in the Holiday Season the goal is simple; Continue to run, work out every day and end up in the 230’s come January 1st. I’m not attempting some crazy, unrealistic “diet”. I’ll be cutting back a good bit but won’t crash diet. I refuse to. I won’t sit there on Christmas day and eat celery while other people enjoy the joyous occasion. I love  Christmas and it won’t be ruined cause I gained some weight. Cause you know, I do have a life.

Let me make this very clear: I’m not depressed or heading back to 330 lbs. This is part of my journey. Over the next 50+ years I will gain and lose a lot of weight, it’s called LIFE. And for now I just have to


2 thoughts on “Why I “Hate” The Holiday Season

  1. Lyell

    It does sound like “you’ve go this”, and I’m really glad to hear it, because so many who are where you are RIGHT NOW — don’t “get it”

    The next step for you is to STOP HATING the holiday season — plan ahead more, learn how other EETers manage it, and learn to LOVE IT — it’s not all about weight loss all the time, my friend. You know this and you’ve “got this” now you just have to learn how to HAVE FUN with this and you’ll be all set for anything life throws your way.

    Have a great holiday season–stay in touch!

    EET Fitness

    • Well I don’t really hate the Holiday Season. That’s why I put hate in quotations.

      Honestly I understand that the body will have about a 3-7 lbs swing on any given day. This is natural and something I’ve learned to deal with. But Im annoyed I allowed myself to to forget one simple rule, you can’t eat whatever and whenever you want if you haven’t earned it. Its one thing to eat Burger King after a work out and another to have French Toast that morning, snacks during the day AND Burger King when you’ve been sitting in a car all day. I have already made some slight adjustments this week and have lost 4 lbs. Im not starving myself but when you stop eating so much salt and pure crap and actually excerise, the body knows what to do..

      So yeah I got this :)

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