The Truth About Low Calorie Diets Part II: The Weight Loss Secret

In  The Truth About Low Calorie Diets And Why They Are Harmful: Part I we covered why eating a low calorie diet is harmful to your health and why it will actually cause you to burn muscle and not fat. And since more muscle means more calories burned you would obviously want to avoid losing more muscle mass. Now, there are few secrets to weight loss but over the last two years I have found the biggest one of them all. No its not eating less carbs, HIIT, watching your fat intake, or anything of the sort…IT’S YOUR METABOLISM.

I define metabolism simply as the way your body breaks down food into fuel and how efficiently your body uses that fuel. Obviously, not everyone’s body breaks that fuel down the same way. Some people have a genetically high metabolism, others have one about as fast as a snail. Since the speed of your metabolism effects how fast your body burns calories, weight loss is 100% about your metabolism and not about what diet you’re on, some new fad that promises instant weight loss, colon cleansers, the new Biggest Loser DVD, P90X etc.

This post really isn’t for those who have a naturally high metabolism. Though I will show you later how to use this to your advantage, I’m really speaking to those affected by a slow metabolism (like me).

Having a slow metabolism is a curse. It’s why you gained the weight and it’s why you struggle to keep it off. And since your body naturally takes longer to convert food into energy, you have a low energy level (duh). Transversely, a low energy level means slow weight loss and also means fast weight gain. I can lose 5 lbs in a week but I can also gain 10 lbs over the same amount of time. Like I said, its a curse. But don’t be discouraged if you are like me. There’s hope.

I wrote in Part I

When you regularly eat too little food to provide your body with the necessary nutrients, it perceives itself to be in danger from starvation. Since your body is wonderfully designed to protect you, it will slow down your metabolism to conserve energy so it can keep vital organs such as the brain and the heart going for as long as possible in the face of the perceived threat. While it will burn fat for fuel, it will also start burning lean muscle mass for fuel, which will slow down your metabolism even further. People on starvation diets invariably find that they regain all the weight they’ve lost (and then some) very quickly as soon as they start eating again.
So if losing weight is 100% about your metabolism, eating an extremely low calorie diet that slows your metabolism probably isn’t the best route to take.  Sure you can eat very little and lose weight but just cause you’re doing something and getting results, doesn’t mean you’re doing it the right way. So how can someone actually speed up their metabolism?
Forget about pills or promises some “expert” says on TV. The simpliest, most efficient way is to eat MORE and eat more OFTEN. You don’t have to necesarrily eat 3000 calories a day but you need to eat more frequently. Your body is a machine and if you feed it smaller meals every 2-3 hours it will be able to break down that fuel more effeciently.
Think about your body as a paper shredder. If you overload it at one time, it will bog down and possibly stop all together. Instead, feed it smaller amounts and it will continousely be able to “shred”.
The idea would be to take your daily caloric allowance and divide that by how many meals you plan on eating. I eat about 2000 a day, so each meal (5) would be about 400 calories (2000 ÷ 5). Each meal needs to be well planned out to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need. (Dont just eat 400 calories of pure crap).
Couple of tips:
#1 Eat breakfast. Every day. I dont care if its just two hard boiled eggs or a banana. Eat something. Try and avoid bread early but you have to eat something….anything.
#2 Your dinner should be smaller than you think. As the day progresses, your body needs less and less. So. avoid large dinners that take hours to digest. Instead stick to proteins and veggies that are easily broken down.
#3 A salad is not a meal unless it has chicken or some other protein involved.
#4 Sweet potatoes are my super food. One a day will keep the doctor away.
#5 Drink a glass of water with each meal. You’ll feel more satisfied.
#6 Get your fiber. Shoot for about 25-35 grams a day. And there are other ways to get fiber than just bread.
#7 Watch your carb intake. Many people eat too many carbs in a day which can slow your metabolism. Shoot for about 35-70)
After the jump is an example of my diet. Try it and I guarrantee results. I GUARRANTEE!

Breakfast- Coffee with a three egg omelet (2 with yolk, 1 egg white), with mushrooms, green peppers, spinach and two links turkey sausage…throw in a little shredded cheese.

Snack #1- Two more egg whites

Lunch- Whole wheat pasta with a homemade marinara sauce, turkey Italian sausage and loaded with veggies (zucchini, squash, broccoli etc)

Snack #2- High fiber tortilla. (Mission makes a great tortilla with 26 grams of fiber, 200 calories and a good bit of protein. )

Dinner- Turkey burger/chicken/pork roast/small steak with more veggies/ sweet potato. (sometimes Ill just eat a turkey burger, no bun, with broccoli or green beans)

Snack #3 (if needed)- almonds or grapes


2 thoughts on “The Truth About Low Calorie Diets Part II: The Weight Loss Secret

  1. Great article and tons of information. People don’t realize that to lose weight and look like their favorite supermodel, they need to be diligent in what they put in their body. Make sure you keep at it and don’t get to strict or you will fall off the wagon.

    • Thanks! Yeah im not too strict but I am too basic. I need to open things up and eat different foods. Im one of those people who can eat the same thing every day with little change and never get bored.

      I do my best at watching everything I eat but every once in a while I just say screw it and eat a hamburger. lol

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