Strength and Muscle Building Workout

This routine is designed for those looking to build strength and muscle. I would consider this an advanced workout due to the type of exercises involved. If you are new to working out, I suggest starting with Resistance Training for Beginners and then progress to Resistance Training for Intermediates/ Advanced before starting this routine. This will give you a great base before starting a more advanced movements.

In this routine, heavy lifting is the goal. I didn’t design this routine for body builders or competitive lifters in mind. It was created for the average person looking to add muscle and strength. When I say “heavy” I mean lifting at least 90% of your max.

Example: Your “max” bench press is 250 lbs. (Meaning you can lift that amount of weight just one time) 90% of 250 is 225. So your first set should be 225. If you reach 8 reps on the first set, add a total of 10 lbs. Set 2 should be 235 x 8 reps. If you reach 8 reps, add an additional 10 lbs..If you do not reach 8 reps stay at your current weight. Repeat this same idea on each and every exercise.

This is a4 day routine that can be split up any way you’d like. If you can’t make it to the gym 4 days a week, take Day 4 (legs and core) and split them up between two days.






5 thoughts on “Strength and Muscle Building Workout

  1. When I add up the time it far exceeds 90 mins which u said was the max time u spend in the gym. Day 4 has me in the gym more than 100 mins and that’s just core.
    Please advise if I’m reading this incorrectly.

    • I try and shoot for a lifting time of only 60-90 minutes (or less is possible). The theory is that your body can only take so much punishment. Professional body builders will lift for hourse a day but again they are professionals.

      My total time at the gym working out will last anywhere from 1.5 – 2 hourse max. This includes a warm up jog, weight training and sprints at the end.

      The 60/90-minute limit is to do with optimizing growth hormone response and protein resynthesis following training, plus maximizing your work density.

      I suggest looking at your routine and doing your best to stick to 60-90 minutes. Anymore and Im afraid you are over training.

      Hope that helps

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