How To Add Resistance To Your Run

I am a firm believer in that if you aren’t pushing yourself each and every work out then you are simply wasting your time.  Whether it’s weight lifting or running, you have to find a way to add resistance so that your body progresses.

One of the hardest ways to do this is in or during your running routine. Most people actually try to decrease resistance (weight) in their runs by wearing light shoes and light clothing to help them run longer and harder. So, why would you want to actually ADD weight or resistance to your run? I think the real question here is why wouldn’t you?

Well, resistance will help in building muscle and also endurance. Two things essential for runners. Also, for the weight lifters who only run to burn excess fat, resistance will help them maintain the muscle they’ve gained from lifting and increase their lifting endurance. So again I’ll ask, why wouldn’t want to add resistance to your run?

So, how exactly do you add resistance to your run? Well, I’m not a believe in long distance running as it creates too much  pressure on the knees and could lead to health problems in the future. So, increasing the distance of your run isn’t an option. And again, I am talking about adding muscle by resistance, so simply running harder won’t really achieve this either. SO HOW?

Well I have a very simple solution. All you need is a back pack and some sort of weight. I simply take one of my wife’s 10 pound kettlebells, wrap it in a towel and stuff it tight in the back pack. I also shorten the shoulder straps to make sure it fits tight to the body to decrease the bouncing effect that running will create. (This will add approximately 20 lbs.) Trust me that’s more weight than you think. You will notice right away just how much harder it is to run just with an extra 20lbs on your back.

I would suggest for anyone attempting this for the first time to keep their early runs to half of what they normally would complete and progress from there. Just by adding 20 lbs you’re gonna use muscles you didn’t even know you had. You’re gonna work your core, leg muscles and not to mention your butt. Trust me the next day you will be sore but that’s a good thing. (THIS MEANS YOURE WORKING) Do this for about a month then go attempt your old routine(without the extra weight) and you’ll be amazed at the difference.

I’ve been using this technique to help build endurance for playing tennis and lifting weights. It’s such a great routine I will guarantee results after just three runs. Please, go try it then come back and tell me what you think.


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