Do What Makes YOU Happy

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that when it comes to diet and exercise, the only way to stay consistent and have long-term success is to do what makes YOU happy. Trying to conform to so called diet plans that promise success but are created without the dieter in mind is insanity. I’m not promoting selfishness here but the idea that only you know your body and what works.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can just eat whatever you want cause it makes you happy. Remember that’s what got you to where you are. It also doesn’t mean you can ignore those around you who know more about dieting and exercise. You should always lean on people who have had (safe) weight loss success. They obviously did something right. So, yes there will be sacrifices you’ll need to make but there is no need to hate your life to just lose weight.

So here are some simple rules I live by..

1. If I hate it..I won’t do it.

There are certain exercises I refuse to do i.e. squats and also foods I’ll never like i.e. brussel sprouts. So, if I hate ’em, I won’t even touch ’em. (eventually you will though)

2. If I hate ’em, I’ll find alternatives

Squats are a great, if not the best leg exercise and if I’m going to skip them I have to find a suitable alternative. Same goes for food. If you hate veggies, you have to either find ones you do like or take supplements to make sure you get the nutrients your body needs. Don’t be silly and think you can avoid veggies just cause you don’t like them.

3. Focus on the things you love and the rest will fall into place.

I use to HATE most veggies that aren’t named green beans..I never EVER use to run..Now there are very few veggies I dislike and I run 4 times a week. As you make changes in your life the things you use to hate will turn into things you love..

4. Stop thinking “NOW”.

I’m sure you have some sort of goal in mind you want to accomplish and to get there you know sacrifices will need to be made. So, stop thinking about what you HATE  NOW. If you focus on the present the future will never seem reachable.

To sum up, find out what you like and focus on those things. Also, be willing to try new things to help broaden your horizon. Most people get bored with doing the same exercise and eating the same foods which eventually leads to failure. The key to success is being happy with whatever you are doing.

Be well,



3 thoughts on “Do What Makes YOU Happy

  1. You do not know me, as I visit your blog for the first time, but I cannot agree with you more! Then again, all these things are easier said than done. I wish you the best of luck on accomplishing what you have in mind.
    Best wishes,

    • Thanks! Yeah I agree that keeping to these “rules” would be kinda tough. It took me a while to get there but weight loss or just getting in shape has more to do with the mental change than physical.

  2. Def good to hear from J.Q. the real American hero I’ve seen you post here & there on FB but welcome back to the blog bro-PC 135/145/160/175/185 felt good to PC again, wrist held up fine just have to work on sllowy getting my range of motion back up to par since it feels like it’s pretty well healed, just tight.PP 135/155/155/165/165 worried about these, but felt good heavier next time 4 Rds + 3 dips RX –

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