The “I’ve Lost 100 Pounds” Post

Phew….Well that’s a load off. (shakes his head at his own corny joke). But seriously what a journey this has been. Truth be told, there is a lot more to losing a 100 pounds then just fat. Not only did I carry 100 pounds of excess weight, I was also holding on to a lot of doubt, lack of confidence, shamefulness and just an all around poor image of myself. So when I say “That’s a load off” you really have no idea how much lighter I feel.

I originally had this long drawn out post written listing my achievements throughout the course of the last 18 months. For instance, when I started I could barely jog a quarter mile without stopping…Now I routinely run a 7.55 minute mile. Like how I couldn’t do one push up and now 20-30 are just a warm up. I couldn’t beat my 50-year-old father in law in basketball and just two weeks ago after a 5 month lay off, I beat him AND my 20-year-old brother in-law 3 times in a game of 21…..and could of gone for more.

These are just a few of the many things I’ve achieved but it hit me like a ton of bricks…I’m…not….done. Sure losing 100 pounds is great and some would say nearly impossible but for me it was just part of this journey. I thought a few months ago I’d be all emotional when I hit 225 but the truth is I wasn’t. Sure I was happy, even elated but I knew deep inside my journey wasn’t over. FACT: My journey will never be over.

I do want to say thank you to everyone, especially to my wife, for all the support I have been given. Without you guys this would have been 100x harder. But I do want to make a point here and I hope this comes across the right way. This was all about ME.

(Wow Lyell, what a conceded, self-indulged, narcissistic thought)….Well not really. I didn’t have anybody telling what to do, what to eat, when and how to work out. Motivating me, pushing me, teaching me or even working out with me. No one would ask me “Hey, are you watching your Carb intake?” “Now Lyell, did you push yourself today at the gym” “Come on Lyell, give me ONE more rep!” This is not to take away from the love and support I got from my family and friends but to show that I achieved this. If I would have been leaning on someone else for motivation, more than likely the end result would have been much different. This why I created DIY Fitness. I firmly believe that self-motivation and self-reliance is the key to true and long-lasting success. I needed EET Fitness Plan to get me over the last hill but I climbed the mountain. So yes, we all need support but at the end of the day its ALL about YOU.

So again, thank you to everyone. Your love and support has been much appreciated and will never be forgotten. Here’s to a life full of health and happiness. Won’t you join me?

Before and After pics below

March 2009

April 2011 with my Brother and Sister- 225 lbs

This morning- 225 lbs


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