Weekly Weigh-In or How My EET Plan Is Going

This has been an odd week. When I woke up Tuesday morning I was physically exhausted. Pretty much every muscle hurt and I knew I needed a rest. I’ve been pushing my body to an extreme level for the last few months with little rest or time for recovery. So I decided to take Tues- Thur off from any type of exercise and allow my body to heal. Mentally I wanted to workout because I’m so close to my goal but I just knew a rest was necessary.

I looked at these three days as a challenge. I didn’t want to stave myself just to maintain my weight. What kinda of life is that? So, I decided not to change a thing and keep my diet the same. To be honest, I even allowed a cheat meal every day. Tuesday I had pizza. Wednesday I had some brownies at church and Thursday I ate some cake. I really wanted to test and see if I could maintain 235 even though I wasn’t working out…

Well I’m sorry to say I didn’t maintain 235…ahhh shuck.! I LOST A POUND!! Actually, this morning I weighed in at 234.2, a full pound and half lighter than last week!! You have no idea how excited I was to see that. Your mind tells you to loseweight, you gotta eat nothing and exercise but that simply isn’t true. The key is eating at certain times with the right foods. This will boost your metabolism, letting your body do all the work.

So, I learned a very important lesson this week. What did y’all learn?


One thought on “Weekly Weigh-In or How My EET Plan Is Going

  1. I still owe you EET’s key points but here’s one you just learned


    19 more to go….

    Great job — talk to you soon.

    EET Fitness

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