Exercise For Those Who Hate To Exercise

Do you hate to exercise? Hate to sweat? Hate going to the gym or even just going for a walk? Well you’re not the only one. I have met very few people who actually like exercising.  Who can blame them? There’s pain, soreness, time, effort and most importantly sacrifice associated with exercise. Unless you’re a freak like me its hard to find enjoyment in that.

 So, what do you do if you hate to exercise?

1) Get over it. Sorry, hate to being so blunt (actually I don’t lol) but if you hate to exercise yet you want to lose weight or get in shape something has to give. (BTW, it has to be you). For instance, I’ve always loved to lift weights but hated running…Now I honestly love doing cardio just as much. And just like with food, I use to hate most vegetables but now I love em. Time and also success changes a person.

2) Start with what you love or can at least deal with: If you hate exercising you have to compromise somewhere. The key is not starting with what you hate. Start simple with walking, yoga, palates, light resistance training etc. If you like sports try “exercising” with your favorite one. Try frisbee golf (run/ speed walk from hole to hole), basketball, soccer, flag football, racquetball, tennis etc. Eventually you’ll want to do some cardio so you can improve in that sport. After a while you may even move on to weight training.

Let’s say you love to lift weights but hate cardio. OK, adapt your routine around interval training to incorporate cardiovascular exercise or add a 20 minute cardio session to the end of your routine. Its that simple.

Either way it doesn’t matter. Just start with something you enjoy and progress from there.

3) Exercise with friends: The more the merrier! If you can find a gym, walking, jogging or running buddy it will make the time more enjoyable. It will also give you an accountability partner which everyone needs. Hint: try to workout with someone who’s motivated more than you.


Sorry but it’s nearly impossible to lose weight (the healthy way) without some sort of exercise. You don’t have to be a freak but just getting moving is the key. I guarantee, if you stick with it and see success you’ll progress and even start to like it..I know, it’s a crazy thought!


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