Weekly Weigh-In or How My EET Plan Is Going

Well after a successful weekend, I again put up a good week and lost another 3 lbs. Last Friday I was 238, yesterday I barely made it to 235.8…but who cares I was there. Best part was I woke up Saturday morning at 235 even. 10 pounds to go PEEPS!!

As you can see EET is going EXTREMELY well. Once I got the hang of forecasting my meals at least 3 days in advance, things just started to click. With just 10 pounds to go I have to be careful of the “I aint eatin nothin till I get to 225” mindset… I so desperately want to get there that I’d give almost anything…But if I starve myself, Ill lose the muscle mass I have worked so hard to gain. Why? Well my body search out for food to make up for what Im NOT giving it. Ill get there no doubt. Also at this point and how EET is going, Ill be there sooner rather than later.


How are y’all doing?


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