My Victories: Soft Drinks

I figured if I’m gonna talk about My Struggles I might as well discuss my Victories as well.


Victories..If you’ve lost just 5 lbs you had to at some point overcome a “struggle”. When I started out on my own personal journey almost two years ago, one struggle stood out above the worst.My addiction to Mountain Dew aka the nectar of the gods.

I want to make this clear, addiction might not even be the right word here. Maybe I should try compulsion, dependence, need, obsession, craving or  infatuation. Perhaps even combine all those words together? It was that bad. Just to put it into perspective I would estimate that on an average day I drank somewhere between 2-4 20 oz bottles EVERY day. I needed it. I had to have it..On my way to work..At lunch..On my break..On my way home..At dinner…

Just ONE bottle has 290 calories, 77 grams of sugar..If I did drink 4 in one day (which was more common than not) then I consumed 1160 calories and 308 grams of sugar JUST IN MOUNTAIN DEW!!! Throw in there about 3000 calories a day from food and I was well over 4000 calories a day in pure crap.

Now, Im not even including the sweet tea, coffee, milk, energy drinks, lemonade or any drink not named water. I’ve speculated before that weeks would go by without water touching my lips. I ALWAYS got a coke when at a fast food restaurant…I ALWAYS got sweet tea at sit down restaurants…I ALWAYS drank orange juice, apple juice and coffee with breakfast..I NEVER drank water. I hated it…

So here’s my victory..Since October 11th 2009, I have NOT had a Mountain Dew or sweet tea. NOT ONE. I had one sip of a Dew on my one year anniversary and it made me sick.. Considering how much Mountain Dew and other crap I use to drink..this is beyond a victory….it’s pure craziness. Outside of coffee in the morning and the occasional swig of milk, the only beverage to touch my lips is H2O. I remember over Christmas I drink two cokes at dinner with my parents and that night I threw up due to the amount of sugar I consumed. I just cant handle it anymore..

So, what victory did you have to overcome or DO you NEED to overcome?




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