Post Weekend Weigh-In..SUCCESS!!!!

OK I promised on Friday that I would update everyone how my weekend went. If you remember the goal was to at least maintain 238 lbs or even lose weight…Well, I didn’t exactly lose weight but I didn’t gain any either!!! So YAY! This is a huge step forward cause this time last Monday I was 243.8. I’ll take a 4 lb weight loss from Monday to the next!

So what was the difference in this weekend and all the others? Well, for starters I really watched my carb (bread) in take. Outside of Friday night, I kept a good balance of Protein, veggies and fiber. The other key was timing my “cheats” with exercise. I made sure to workout BEFORE eating a less than healthy meal. You have no idea how effective that is. Finally, I kept my cheat meals to mid day and not late at night. This allowed me to digest the extra salt or carbs.

BTW..I had chicken nachos TWICE..Ice Cream TWICE, McDonald’s breakfast , Fried Chicken wings, and Cherry Pie…AND DIDN”T GAIN A POUND! That is why I’m doing the EET program. No other plan or program I have found will allow me to eat that over three days and still maintain weight loss.. NOTHING!!  Just think what would have happened had I not eaten all that? PURE CRAZINESS!

This past weekend showed me that my struggles with losing weight is 100% about MY will power and determination and nothing else.

The FINAL COUNTDOWN continues!


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