Before And After Pictures…Two Years In The Making

I found this picture of me from exactly two years ago…..It almost took my breath away…And before any of you jerks wanna say something funny….The after is on the left (238 lbs) and before is on the right (325)… :)

I had to take a picture of the picture with my Iphone so the quality is poor….But the picture speaks for itself…


11 thoughts on “Before And After Pictures…Two Years In The Making

  1. I do agree 100% that there is no secret. The key is that each person has to finally be willing to see it through all the way.

    And then, they need to find a plan they can stick with. For me it was low carb for others it could be anything else.

    There really is no magic bullet other than hard work and determination.

    The Grumpy Man, stay grumpy my friends. :D

  2. Man you still look fat…..

    Ha ha seriously look at your skinny ass! I’m highly impressed, man. I dont think anyone can understand how hard it is to lose that much weight. Impressive for sure.

      • PC: 85(10) 95(8) 100 (6) 105 (4) 110 (2) struggling a bit with the pc..hpc is 10lbs heaievr losing a bit of momentum in first pull from ground to jump position in pcPP: 4 (75) 3(85) 2(90) 3(95) 4 (90)push up ladder: 3+6.. gave arms a rest and iced shoulders after Sat. Felt stronger with push-ups today

    • Really enjoy the class. Feeling the benefit in a short ltegnh of time :) lots of different exercises and increasing intensity at your own pace with plenty encouragement from the trainers! Well worth a try

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