Weekly Weigh In or How My EET Plan Is Going

Last Wednesday (March 1st) I finally crossed over the great divide and enetered the 230’s. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long. 239.8 only lasted a few hours and when I woke up Thursday morning I was 240.4…and by Monday I had reached nearly 243..Chez Pierre (an amazing french restaurant here in Tallahassee)..and two dinner parties over the weekend will do that to you. I was so busy over the weekend I barely got a run/ workout in. In fact, Saturday I had a training session with a couple and only had time to run a mile afterwards.

No worries though. I lost all the weight I “gained” and weighed in today at 238! I talked with my wife and we are really going to start working on our eating habits through the weekend. If life is so crazy that we can’t exercise regularly, we need to make adjustments to what and when we eat. I can’t “cheat” if I haven’t earned it. It’s all about will power and self-discipline.

So I’m gonna check back in on Monday and let you guys know how I did. The goal is to at least maintain if not lose a little more.

BTW, the EET plan is going great. I’ve adjusted to the lighter breakfast (which was a concern in the beginning) and really have seen some good gains here. The program works for sure. I just need to do a better job of sticking to it throughout the weekend.

13 pounds to go! The FINAL COUNTDOWN continues!

So, how are y’all doing?


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