Tuesday Quickies

Getting tired of reading my dribble? OK..that kinda hurts but it’s fine. Here are some articles that will act as a suitable temporary replacement.

Condiments notoriously carry a load of empty calories. Not our antioxidant-packed salsa. The FREE recipe: http://ow.ly/49zRe via Mens Health Magazine

LOW cholesterol associated with depression, bipolar disorder, Alzeimer’s, suicide, violent death and other fun stuff. http://bit.ly/fqq27F

Physical Fitness Important For Those with Desk Jobs: When the majority of your day consists of… http://bit.ly/hprIcO via Hive Health Media


Fat Babies become Fat Kids become Fat Teenagers become Fat Adults via Health Habits

There is a gigantic industry of snack products out there, filled with thousands of tasty bite-sized creations available for you to munch on when you’re hungry. Indeed, food has become so portable and convenient….Don’t Snack All Day If You Want to Lose Fat  via Naturally Engineered


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