Pride Cometh Before The……Change?

Maybe I should re-name this post “Pride Stoppeth You From Achieving Stuff”. I like that better but it just doesn’t have a ring to it…

A recent conversation with a client led me to think, what keeps people in their current state (of fitness)? Laziness? Lack of confidence? Fear..anger….Pride? For you people who are over weight, those who are tired of being “fat”, wishing they could fit into skinny jeans, wanting to have more energy, to not be uncomfortable in public and longing to have more self confidence…What are you waiting for? Whats holding you back? Are you too prideful to ask for help? Are you afraid? Do you not care? Is it hard to admit you have a problem and don’t know how to fix it? I’m not asking these questions out of judgment or condemnation but in honest sincerity.

I can understand a person holding back due to fear. It’s an emotion many people deal with. Fear can overcome a person and leave them paralyzed. Pride on the other hand is not something I comprehend. Perhaps it’s because I’m not a prideful person in general. I have no problem seeking out help. To be honest, I am a bit hard-headed when it comes to admitting I’m wrong but it’s one thing to be stubborn about stuff that’s trivial, but this is your life we are talking about. If you can’t soften that hard head of yours (ours) and admit you (we) need to make a change, guess what? You’ll never change. You’ll never get into those skinny jeans. You’ll never be able to walk up a stair case without getting winded. You’ll always feel uncomfortable in public and the sad fact is, you’ll probably die much sooner than you should…

I hate to sound so harsh here but stubborn people need a slap in the face sometimes.

If you are reading this and thinking, “OK! It’s time to change my life.” Sweet. THEN JUST DO IT! No excuse is a good one. There should be no, “I’ll wait till tomorrow.” Don’t let your pride stop you. If you have questions, ask them. If you need help, ask for it. I weighed 325 lbs a year and half ago and I now weigh 239. Do you think I did that all on my own? Heck NO! I had to ask a lot of questions and ask for a lot of help. That’s just part of life..

So if you’re letting your Pride stop you from having the life you’ve always wanted…STOP IT!


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