Weekly Weigh-In or How My EET Plan Is Going

Gotta be honest here….These past two weekends have been brutal for me. Two weekends ago was my daughters 2nd birthday, the Superbowl and my mother in laws birthday..My parents were in town and I ate like crap. Even though I started out at like 241…I gained some weight and it took me all of last week to lose it. Then the wife and I went to Destin, FL for a get away this past weekend and again….I ate like crap. So yeah I get the pleasure of spending all week losing weight I’ve already lost…TWICE.

Normally I’d be pissed but this time I’m not. I know why I gained the weight and frankly it was worth it. Both weekends were wonderful and I wasn’t going to watch what I ate while trying to relax.

The EET plan is working, I just have to do a better job of timing when I eat with exercise. It’s hard to do when on vacation and to be honest I did do HIIT runs twice while in Destin, I just didn’t time them right.

So I suck…I know it…But it’s gonna be ok.

How are y’all doing?


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