Key’s To Weight Loss: When To Eat


Last week I wrote a piece called “8 Keys To A Successful Fitness Plan”.  After going back a re-reading it I found I wanted to expound on a few of them. (of course..I am long winded :)

Starting with #7. I wrote:

7. Dinner is your biggest meal.

This has been my biggest problem and I’d bet you struggle with it as well. I know a lot of people who don’t eat breakfast, eat a small lunch and then a HUGE dinner and wonder why they aren’t losing weight. Well friend, it’s simple physics or genetics or science. Your body begins to shut down as the day goes on and by feeding it a huge meal to end the day, it will store that extra fat, carbs or whatever you gave instead of burning it. Your largest meal should be lunch or right after your work out. If you  work out at night, then by all means indulge, just make sure you are eating something easily digestible i.e. pure protein, low carb, veggies. Try and schedule your eating and exercises just right so your body can do what it does best.

So, how do you spread out your meals? Big breakfast? No breakfast? Medium lunch? No lunch? 3 snacks? Large or small dinner? Pre-sleeping snack? What do you eat for these meals? Carbs early? Carbs late? No Carbs?!?!?! (god tell me no) Heavy veg, little protein, tons of protein? There are a TON of options and unfortunately most people fail miserably when trying to make the right choice. Perhaps I can help with that.

Ok let me start off with what I think is the right way to go and then I’ll tell you why.

Breakfast: Small. low to no carb. High protein

Lunch: Largest meal of the day. Should be higher in carbs, contain protein and veg.

Mid-day snack/ meal: low in carb to no carb. Need protein and a veg.

Dinner: Medium to small meal. Protein and Veg. NO CARB if possible.

Now for the why:

Breakfast- The theory is that when you wake up in the morning your body is completely void of carbs. That is only if you didn’t eat a high carb meal right before bed. This is prime fat burning time. Why? Since your body has little to no carbs to use for energy, it will search out your stored fat cells. If you were to feed it a high carb meal, instead of burning fat your body will just use the carbs you just gave it. So, eat protein and a veg early to force your body to burn fat! YAY!!! 

Tip: Wake up, drink some coffee or green tea (boosts your metabolism) and go for a light jog THEN come home and eat. If you do this, you can enjoy a much larger breakfast than if you work out later in the day.

Lunch: Whether you work out before or after lunch doesn’t really matter as lunch should be your biggest meal. Since you’ve eaten little carbs so far, load up! By eating a majority of your carbs/fiber early, you allow your body enough time to break them down and use for energy. Don’t go crazy here but lunch should be large.

Tip: If you work out early (before breakfast) and eat carbs early, back off carbs for lunch.

Mid-day snack- This is almost a meal. By feeding your body protein and veg (maybe carb depending on lunch) you are stimulating your metabolism throughout the day. With out this meal you’ll feel hungry and tired. But don’t grab coffee or a five-hour but reach for FOOD!

Dinner- Give your body what it needs not what you want. The goal here is to let your body burn away whats left of your food while you sleep. A huge dinner does the exact opposite. As your body begins to shut down, so does your stomach.  So carbs are bad, at least too much.

When you eat a high-carb snack prior to bedtime you cause blood sugar and insulin levels to soar. Elevated insulin during sleep not only blocks HGH (human growth hormone) release, inhibiting proper repair and recovery of your tissues, but you will find that you wake up either groggy and in need of more sleep and or very hungry from experiencing low blood sugar. [1]

Now if you work out (running, jogging, lifting weights etc) after work, then dinner is an ok time to get a treat meal in or just have some carbs. You’ve burned some calories, boosted your metabolism and now your body can handle the “extra” stuff. But if you are trying to lose weight try to avoid the big meal late.

 You might say..BUT CARBS ARE GOOD!!!!! Why yes they are. Problem is people eat the wrong type. You need FIBER not necessarily carbs. Your body needs carbs for energy but sadly we eat about 10 times what we need. Get the right kind of Fiber in your diet and the weight will fall off.

You might say but what about FAT! WE NEED FAT!! Why yes we do but there are good ways to get fat in your diet without eating butter and mayonnaise. ( I LOVE BUTTER AND MAYONNAISE but its bad for me) If your goal is to lose fat, why would you over load your body with the very thing you’re trying to get rid of? So get Fat in your diet but make sure it comes from the right source.

You might say ITS CALLED BREAK -FAST, YOU GOTTA EAT!!!! Why yes, this is also true but like I said, you want your body to attack your stored fat cells. By eating a fat filled, huge carb breakfast you are starting out on the wrong foot.

Well, I hope this has helped.  Some of this came from the Eating and Exercising Plan that I’ve talked about for weeks. Of course there is A LOT more to it and EET is something I highly suggest anyone at least trying. A lot of this came from trial and eorror. After losing 85+ pounds you learn what works and what doesnt.

 I know some of this is different then what you’ve been told in the past….and probably different then what I’ve said in the past but things change. I’ve learned a ton about our bodies and by doing so, I’ve begun to understand if you make your body work WITH you and not against, success is inevitable.

If you want to get more info on EET contact Jon Pearlstone at

Be well,


[1] How Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, & Hormones Work to Cause Weight-Loss or Weight-Gain



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