Weekly Weigh-In or How My EET Plan Is Going

Starting Weight 1/10 – 251 (325 Sept 09)

Last Week- 246

Weight 2/4- 241

(I’ve started weighing in on Fridays and not Mondays)

Yep I lost 5 pounds last week! Things started out slowly but by Wednesday the EET plan finally kicked in. The first week was getting use to the new plan and figuring out what worked and what didn’t. For instance, I cut out pretty much all the fat in my diet. No mayonnaise, no butter and little oil. Sure I get the fat my body needs but other than that I cut it out. I want my body to attack my stored fat, not the fat I feed it.

I also reduced my dinner portion. I think this was the single biggest reason for the weight loss. By reducing how much food was in my stomach when I went to bed, it allowed my body to use up all the extra carbs and burn fat.

I wasn’t starving myself and never went to bed overly hungry. I have found being hungry is just a part of losing weight and burning fat. But there is a difference in being a tad hungry and literally being light-headed due to the lack of food consumption. Finding that right balance is tough but very rewarding in the end. 

I didn’t weigh this morning but im sure I gained a few pounds since Friday. I had my daughter’s birthday party full of pizza and cake….I fired up my new grill on Sunday (had a tremendous Porterhouse steak btw) and then had a Super Bowl party to go to….But Im confident by Friday I will see more results!

How are y’all doing?


6 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In or How My EET Plan Is Going

  1. I started on Jan. 3rd as we all know at 281lbs. I am now down to 256lbs. I also finally got to go through boxes of cloths that I had grown out of and found quite a few I could wear. It was a great feeling. I hope in two more weeks to be able to buy pants not in the big and tall section which will be awesome.

  2. yeah it makes me happy. I’m in 44’s right not I can get 42’s on but they are not comfy. I’m coming for you 38’s and then 36’s (where I was a my peak of in shape ). I was 17% body fat and was bummed that was as low as I could get and that was when I weighed 179lb. What is a normal (not freak athlete levels). I know it varies but a ball park?


    • my goal is 15% a lot of football players (non lineman) play around 10-15. The DB’s, WR probably less than 10. I bet Julio is around 6-7%.

      The only way to get that low (15% and lower) is to watch your fat intake and lift. Cardio won’t get you there. Lowering your body fat isn’t just about losing weight, but about replacing fat with muscle. Cardio alone isn’t enough.

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