Week 3 Report Card or How My New EET Plan Is Going

Starting Weight: 251

Today’s Weight: 245

Well I lost 2 pounds last week! Though I’m excited about this, I feel it should have been more. It probably didn’t help that I switched things from my old routine to the new EET plan on Wednesday. It’s not that EET isn’t working but it kinda freaked out my system a little and I’m just now getting use to it.

Speaking of EET, it is going really well. To be honest it’s not that much different from what I was doing before. I was already eating balanced meals that revolved around proteins, whole wheat carbs and veggies (which is the basis of what the EET meal guidelines). What has changed the most is WHEN I eat. Before I was eating a huge breakfast and typically a large lunch…With work outs in-between and then eating a decent size dinner. Now my breakfast is just protein and coffee, lunch is much larger and dinner is small. I have added a meal around 3pm and cut out the 2 snacks.

The other thing that has changed is when I “cheat”. Instead of planning a “cheat meal” later in the week and building everything for that one meal, I allow myself small cheat meals all throughout the week. By timing them with a work out, I can cheat only as long as I eat within two hours of working out. It’s called opening a metabolic window where your body is still burning calories AFTER you work out This allows you to cheat and not gain weight. For instance, I got off work friday, ran intervals at home for about 30 minutes, ate Five Guys, frozen yogurt and still lost a pound and a half….now thats sweet.

Contrast that with Saturday night where I worked out early (10am), ate good all day and then had a large bowl of turkey chili (albeit very healthy chili) and gained a pound back. Why? Cause it was too much food and I wasn’t within my metabolic window. It was about 6:30 pm and my body was starting to shut down..Instead of feeding it something it could easily break down, I gave it a complex heavy meal..Hence why I only lost 2 pounds last week instead of the 4 I was shooting for. Not a big deal, you live and learn.  Now I know that chili is a much better lunch than dinner. But Friday night showed, if you follow the guidelines you will lose weight but more importantly be able to enjoy your life.

If you are interested in learning more about EET just visit www.eetfit.com. What do you have to lose besides weight and time?

How are y’all doing?


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