One of the hardest things in life for most “Adults” is for them to admit when they are/were wrong. After all, we know everything. Well I have no problem whatsoever admitting how wrong I was about Eating and Exercise Timing (EET) Fitness Plan. I wrote yesterday in Boy Was I Ever Wrong About EET, that I jumped to a premature conclusion and now have converted over to the “dark side” :). Since starting EET I have personally lost 3 lbs and can feel the energy difference after just 2 days.

I asked Jon Pearlstone (the creator of EET, duh) to answer a few questions about EET for those interested in learning more. I HIGHLY recommend reading his answers and at least giving EET a chance. Cause at the end of the day, what do you have to lose? Oh yeah A LOT OF WEIGHT!

What exactly is EET?

The Eating and Exercise Timing (EET) Fitness Plan teaches members how to use the power of eating and exercise timing to greatly improve their metabolism, because a more efficient metabolism means more weight loss with less struggle!   EET guides you on what foods work best with your metabolism at different times of your day, such as when you wake up and after exercise.  EET can also work to CHANGE your metabolism for the better with properly designed and timed exercise routines.  

The unique feature of EET is because we rely on timing to help your metabolism, EETers don’t need to count calories and EET has no food restrictions.  EET’s believes  “There are no unhealthy foods, only foods eaten at the wrong times”.

How did you come by developing EET? When was that “Field of Dreams” moment?

I have absolutely positively no willpower, and have tried many of the more well known diets out there, only to fail within a matter of days or weeks–they simply are not sustainable for me and for MOST of us–and recent studies have proven it.  Because I simply cannot diet,   I used to rely on huge amounts of exercise to keep my weight under control.  I worked out with weights, mountain biking and trail running for HOURS A DAY for the better part of 20 years.  One day 3 years ago I caught a good look at my physique in the mirror and then suddenly realized – I AM WORKING OUT MORE AND MORE AND YET I’M GETTING FATTER AND FATTER.   I figured there’s GOT to be a better way.

That began the research on how to eat what I wanted (because I KNEW I could not stop myself) exercise AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE (because more exercise sure wasn’t working) and still lose weight.  Soon after that I discovered the power of TIMNG and EET was born!

Can EET work for anyone no matter their background, current weight or dietary restrictions (i.e. diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.)?

Yes.  EET has been very successful in producing weight loss for all types of people including the men, women, teenagers, the elderly, diabetics, and people who cannot or simply don’t want to do formal exercise.  While EET FULLY respects all Doctor’s dietary restrictions, more often than not we can find alternatives that our members can love (at the right times) and keep their plan as fun and sustainable as possible.

What about people with crazy schedules or single parents with no extra time in the day, how can EET help them?

EET is made for these people.  EET builds your eating, exercise and activity plan around your current schedule.  This is also why EET includes personal consultations.  Diet books or websites cannot adapt to the unique situations of a person’s life.  EET starts your timing day when YOU wake up, and is flexible enough to adapt to any schedule.  We have EETers who work the night shift, who travel all the time, and who work different schedules each week.  

EET has quite a few success stories on the website.  Any keys to weight loss success you can share?

The first key is to look at your dieting patterns from the past.  If deprivation and restrictive dieting has not worked for you before, why will it work this time?  There’s a nearly 100% chance IT WON’T, so why go down that road again?

The next key to realize is that just because you lose weight does not make your diet successful.  Your diet is only successful if you can keep most of the weight off indefinitely (establish a new, comfortable range) AND be HAPPY with your eating, appearance and lifestyle.

 Almost every diet plan can get the weight off you short term while you’re motivated, but there are NO plans I know of that can consistently KEEP the weight off.  EET is on a mission to change that.  EET believes that all dieters need to build a plan they can see themselves on 6 months, 6 years and 60 years from now.  That’s why we work so hard to make sure every EETer’s plan includes an option for a treat(s) every day at the right times.  EET also keeps exercise as an OPTION and even then sessions are 30 minutes or less.  Your diet and exercise plan have got to have some FUN in there or you simply won’t stay with it.  Even if you could stay with it, but you’re miserable, you’re sacrificing quality of life because eating and ENJOYING foods you love without guilt is truly one of life’s great pleasures. 


How can someone get started with EET?

They can join via the JOIN EET page on the website which is www.eetfit.com .  When you join, EET provides a new member guide booklet and access to the Member Video page and Resource Library which explains a lot about how EET works.  Once you’ve reviewed that, we arrange a phone  where we customize your plan  for your particular schedule and needs.  EETers can write with questions any time and we generally like to have a weekly review email or call for the first 6-8 weeks to make adjustments to your plan as needed and ensure EETers are understanding how to best use the plan. 

Who is your favorite person on twitter and why?

@TheLyell  without a doubt.  No one else even comes close.  Great mix of funny tweets and great content.  I’m learning and hoping to be as good at twitter someday!

I want to thank Jon for taking the time to educate us on EET and how it can work for all of us. If you haven’t done so already, head over to his site, snoop around, watch the videos, read the testimonials and give EET a shot. You won’t be sorry!

Also be looking for my weekly updates on my progress with EET.

Be well,



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