Boy Was I Ever Wrong About EET (a must read)

A few month back I wrote an article on which is better eating or exercising. The idea came to me when I found an article that promoted eating whatever you want and still losing weight. As a person who’s dealt with food addictions his entire life, I got a little mad. Here was my “rebuttal”.

 Yesterday I stumbled across an article that was entitled “How to Eat Anything You Want and Be Fit For Life“. Just the title alone pisses me off. If you want to go read the three-part series go ahead. It’s basically just another fad that leads people down an unhealthy lifestyle and teaches them terrible eating habits.

The concept is known as EET Fitness Plan or Eating and Exercise TIMING. The idea is that if you eat at certain times of the day and work out you will still lose weight and be “healthy” for life. The selling point is

No Dieting, Calorie Counting or Supplements –
Just Eating The Foods YOU CHOOSE To Eat At the Right Times!


I’m not here to blast this guys idea or “Plan”. It obviously worked for him and a few other people, so I can’t completely discredit his method. My argument here is the mindset that you create when you say “I’m going to eat whatever I want”.

FACT: You don’t become fat by making good eating or exercise choices. And you can’t be healthy by making poor choices either.

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about  YOUR choices. Most of the time when I see methods like EET they come from people who need to drop 20 or so pounds or from personal trainers who’ve always been fit. They certainly aren’t developed by people who know what it’s like to struggle with their weight. Sure those people can eat candy, cupcakes, drink soda, eat sugar loaded foods, high carb meals etc. and still be thin because their metabolism allows them to do so. I’d like to see them try to lose 80+ lbs by eating whatever they want. FACT: It won’t happen.

Wow. Those are some strong words. Admittedly, I didn’t do enough research to have such an adamant opinion on EET. I saw the headline and reacted. I was wrong for that. I still believe my opinion is right that you can’t be healthy without eating a healthy diet but after getting to know the developer of EET Jon Pearlstone, I have come to a different conclusion. More on EET and how it works later but I can say this…I was wrong about Jon , EET and his motivation. I have spoken with him many times through email and the phone to find he is indeed passionate about people getting healthy, losing weight and just over all being happier. All you have to do is read their motto once again to find that’s true.

No Dieting, Calorie Counting or Supplements –
Just Eating The Foods YOU CHOOSE To Eat At the Right Times!

After discussing my goals with Jon I have decided to join the EET ranks. I was motivated by his approach (persistence really) of long-term success, enjoying your life and that you don’t have to be bogged down by a diet to lose weight and be healthy. I’ll still count my calories, eat supplements and exercise how I want but EET will give me the structure and “timing” my body needs to burn fat and create lean muscle mass. I am truly excited about seeing what EET can do for me. I’ll be posting a Q&A with Jon in the next couple of days for anyone who is interested in finding more about how EET can help them.

If you can’t wait till then, check out Jon’s site at I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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6 thoughts on “Boy Was I Ever Wrong About EET (a must read)

  1. Here’s the challenge: How can you get people to understand that, regardless of what they think, they actually may not be working hard enough to reach their personal goals? It’s an extremely delicate subject to address. People do not appreciate being told they are not working hard enough—and they will usually do everything they can to discredit anyone who tells them so and/or deflect the blame away from themselves. Unfortunately, until a person can come to grips with reality, the chance for success will be limited.

    • So what exactly is your point? That because you don’t think they are working hard enough, they aren’t improving? Thats a pretty crappy way of thinking. Perhaps you should understand not everyone is YOU and not everyone has the same intensity level. Thinking everyone should work out at “X” intensity is a pretty stupid way to approach fitness.

  2. Healthy eating can also help people that already have some types of disease or illness such as diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure. And, of course, improving your eating habits will contribute to you achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

  3. Healthy eating can also assist people that already have some kinds of illness or illness such as diabetes, high cholesterol and blood stress. And, of course, improving your eating routines will contribute to you achieving and sustaining a wholesome weight.

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