Why Personal Trainers Suck

Every time I go to the gym I see it, some Personal Trainer with a “God I hate my life” expression on their face killing some poor shlub. Most of the time the trainer isn’t even paying attention on whether or not the “client” is using correct form, doing enough weight or even sweating. In my opinion, they could care less. They use dumb exercises that are designed to force you to “need” their services…That makes me so angry.

Take my buddy for example, he signs up at a local gym and agrees to the FREE session with a “professional” trainer thinking it will actually help . He came away sore as heck and with no understanding of what he just did. He admitted to me he hasn’t seen the inside of a gym since college and the trainer still killed him. He wasn’t even told to stretch BEFORE or AFTER working out! He has no idea how much or what to eat, what the exercise names are and is probably more lost than ever….I seriously want to punch the trainer right now.

I know the trainer has a job to do and was just trying to get my friend to sign up for another “session” but he went about it the wrong way. You don’t kill a guy who hasn’t worked out in nearly 5 years and you certainly need to explain what the crap he’s doing. They would rather see someone come in everyday and work out wrong than actaully…you know..help. Health tip: AVOID GYM TRAINERS AT ALL COSTS. They typically have little training and aren’t concerned on you getting healthy. They want you to sign up for training sessions so they get paid…As if the gym doesn’t make enough money on you already…

If you need help, pick a private trainer who will be focused on your goals. Yes, you’ll have to pay them but its going to be worth the money. They’ll set you up with a routine and nutrition guide. If you can’t afford a trainer, find a friend who knows a thing or two and have them work out with you a few times. If you don’t have a friend, ask other people working out at the gym. Some people are complete jerks (you’ll know them right away) but most are willing to at least point you in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to ask someone. Using bad form and getting injured is worse than hurting your pride. If none of these are viable options, come ask me and I’ll help any way I can.

Be well




2 thoughts on “Why Personal Trainers Suck

    • Well if you can find the right private trainer who’s not affiliated with a gym and has your best interest at heart then that’s best. not all Trainers are douches but most are.

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