Fads Are Flabs

I stumbled across the web site www.faddiet.com. Let me say this first, it’s AWESOME. They literally had me at hello:

Welcome to Fad Diet Dot Com. I think we all know that fad diets are not the best way in the world to lose weight but rather than demonize them like every other “expert” let’s agree to enjoy their silliness. I will drop the condescending tone of most professionals. Instead lets remember the humor about dieting and have a good time.

I some times forget this very important fact, getting healthy should be fun. I get so caught up in the “science” behind it all I miss that I truly enjoy it. It’s not just about weight loss but having a better life. Why else would I do this blog? I spend hours every week researching, writing, following up and putting together this site. Trust me, it’s not easy. If I didn’t enjoy the process would I even do it? Nope. I LOVE WORKING OUT. If I could spend all day at the gym I would. I talk about this stuff ALL the time. Just ask the people I work with or just ask my wife. This is a passion of mine and I need to understand that not everyone has the same love for diet and exercise as I do. I truly hope my excite and passion comes through and in turn motivates you.

For those of you who hate their job, wouldn’t you rather be doing something else 8+ hours a day? So, why aren’t you? How about you guys who actually like their job or better known as “freaks”. You probably don’t look at the clock every 30 minutes hoping that some way, some how time magically sped up. It’s the same way with exercising. If you can’t find a way to enjoy it you’ll struggle to have long-term success. And like those people who hate their job and are always looking for a new one, you’ll search out some “new” fad to fill that void.

Cabbage Soup Diet, South Beach Diet, Chicken Soup Diet, The Chocolate Diet, Metabolism Diet, Weight Watchers, No Carb, No Meat, Lemonade Diet…The list goes on and on. Not one (well maybe the Chocolate one) sounds like fun to me and some even sound painful. Lemonade Diet? Really? I like lemonade but I wouldn’t want to try a diet that revloves around it.

Diets suck. They really do. Some work and some are one huge FAIL.  I have never personally tried any of the diets above. Truthfully, the only “diet” I ever tried was one that used Ephedrine. I lost weight but I didn’t learn anything. I hear Weigh Watchers is actually pretty good because they teach portion control. But if it’s so great, why do so many people gain back what they lost using their service? Think about that for a little bit….

The point is every diet is a fad and fads never stick around. Remember bell bottoms?
Zoot Suits? Tie-Dye T-shirts? Pet rock? Being an Auburn fan? Sure they look like fun and every one tried them but eventually they’ll be just memories we laugh at and say “God, what was I thinking?” So don’t get caught up in fads. Find what you like and stick with it. It might take some trial and error. Make it a game. For some exercise comes easy. For others, eating right is simple. But the key is finding what you enjoy, being balanced, focusing all your positive energy towards that and just having fun. This is where true success lies.

If you would like some suggestions on how to make diet and exercise fun, just leave your questions below.

Be well,



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