Report Card: Day 7

Start weight: 251

Today’s weight: 247

Good morning all! The weekend came and went and like expected I gained 1 pound since Friday. Not a huge deal. My routine Mon-Thur is much different than Fri- Sun; more time at home, more time in front of the TV, more opportunity to snack (like popcorn on Saturday night and the homemade beer which was ready Sunday).

Even though I exercised both Sat and Sun I still gained weight but again I’m not upset. I lost a net weight of 4 lbs last week which is where I want to be. If I can keep this up 225 will be here in 5 more weeks!

Weekly goals:

  • Start strong
  • Increase size of breakfast and reduce dinner
  • No carbs past 3pm

How are y’all doing?


One thought on “Report Card: Day 7

  1. I’m in the weeds so far this week I’ll reply more later but I too gained .7 lbs this week end and hit it hard yesterday and plan to today as wel. I’ll update soon.

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