Report Card: Day 5

Starting Weight: 251

Today’s Weight: 246

Nothing has really changed in my nutrition plan. I did however make a delicious Pork roast with steamed green beans and brown rice last night. It was amazing. (recipe to come)

I have really amped up my cardio this week. With my new Full Body workout implemented I am already seeing a big difference in how tired I am after my workout. (which means im burning more calories). I have also started back to riding the stationary bike. The ankle is just not to the place where I can run  but honestly I really love the bike. I place it on medium resistance for 2 minutes peddling as fast I can, increase to max resistance (again peddling as fast as possible) for 2 minutes and then back to medium. Try that for 20-30 minutes and you’ll be sweating up a storm.

I attribute my 5 lb weight loss this week to the water weight I gained over the holidays. I fully expect for it to slow back down in a few days. But im not complaining :)

Things I’ve been working on this week:

  1. No snacking or drinking past 7pm
  2. More cardio, less weight training
  3. Little to no carbs past 3 pm
  4. Eating something about every 3 hours

How are y’all doing?


2 thoughts on “Report Card: Day 5

  1. Well yesterday evening I weighed 272.5lb. Upped my weight and time on the weights a little and increased my resistance on the cardio machine. That puts me at -8.5 lbs in 11 days. I believe a lot of my early quick weight was do to water weight as well. Gonna hit the gym this afternoon take tomorrow off and do some light cardio on Sunday.

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