Report Card- Day 3

Starting Weight 1/9: 251

Weight as of 1/12: 248

Weight loss to date: 3 lbs

So far this week it’s been more about getting back into my routine than anything else.  After severe ankle sprain on Thanksgiving day I haven’t been able to do much cardio. Add to that a 3 week layoff from the gym and its safe to say I was a good bit out of shape. The ankle is still healing and is painful to run on but I don’t have much choice than to just do it.

My eating routine is very simple.

  • 3 decent size meals throughout the day
  • 2-3 snacks in between. i.e. bananas, peanut butter, rice crackers, no salt crackers, other fruit.
  • Coffee in the morning (with cream)
  • Water for the rest of the day and maybe a glass of milk.
  • Each meal consists of a protein, whole wheat carb and veggie (besides breakfast).

My work out routine is pretty simple as well

  • Monday, Wednesday, Saturday- Full body workout at the gym. Two exercises per muscle group (3 sets of 15). 30 second rest between sets.
  • Friday Rest.
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday- cardio. Running in my neighborhood. (at least 2 miles). The goal is to get back up to my 4-5 mile run.

The key to my weight loss is following through on my weekends. I tend to eat worse Fri- Sun. If I can do a better job watching what I eat through the weekend I will be way more successful.

How are you doing?



6 thoughts on “Report Card- Day 3

  1. why is it men can loose 3lbs in 3 day? WTF? I lost 1lb in a week. Im not telling my weight but I weighed in yesterday with 1lb lost. Im really trying to eat more. Im going to the store today to get some more bananas and apples. Im sure Aprils hates that you can loose weight so fast. Silly men and their ability to loose so easy.

    • oh yesterday I ate Fiber cereal with milk but didnt drink the skim milk. (yuck)
      Lunch-peanut butter sandwich, 5 club crackers and an apple sauce.
      late afternoon-two weight watchers string cheese
      dinner-salad and baked potato.
      I was tired I had 4 cups of coffee troughout the day

      • Coffee is not bad. Caffeine is a known metabolism booster so you don’t need to shy away from it. The only way it can harm is the amount of creamer you add to the coffee. If you use the low fat creamer i see no harm in it.

        Fiber One cereal is delish! I know Kashi makes some good options. But Im not a good gauge when it comes to stuff like that cause i can eat the same thing every day and never get bored. People make fun of me at work cause I eat two turkey burgers (no bun) and either green beans or broccoli every day for lunch…I don’t care..great source of protein and is delish.

        Just wondering, what type of bread are you eating with your sandwich? Also, try a sweet potato rather than regular.
        Compared to white potatoes, sweet potatoes contain:
        • More Vitamin A: 692% to just 1%
        • More Calcium: 7% to 3%
        • Fewer Calories: 162 to 281
        They also have more protein as well….just a thought.

  2. Well I started on Monday Jan. 3rd at 281lbs as of yesterday I was 273lb. On Jan. 9th I was at 274.5lb so Hitting it the last 10days has been paying off. My biggest problem is the diet sodas (coke zero), beer and the weekends. It got to where on Saturdays I allow myself to have a few beers and maybe eat a hamburger but the rest of the week I do no beer. I find that having a day to let lose just a smidgen helps keep me on the straight and narrow. For breakfast I have a bowl of Oatmeal with fruit and coffee with 1%. For lunch I have a cup of bean soup with a side of long grain brown rice and a grilled chicken breast ( i work at a natural grocery with a deli so that is easy for me) I have a snack of yogurt in the afternoon and for dinner I have a smoothie of blueberries , strawberries whey protein, greens powder, hemp fiber (It’s just that was a free fiber powder a rep gave me not a hippie) and Milk. Sometimes dinner is a three egg omelet with only the whites of two of the eggs and a piece of really whole grain bread. My work out is Monday through Friday I do 50 minutes of cardio on the elliptical and about 15mins of weights that I work a different set on mussels everyday. On the weekends I don’t do any gym time but try to ride my beach cruiser all around Tuscaloosa or rake leaves something that’s not gym but still active and moderate exercise. I have also added as much water as I can drink to my diet. I was lucky to drink any before.

    • Dang..sounds like you know what you’re doing. Yeah the coke/ beer is a problem for me as well. I like a good dark beer which usually means more calories. Im not a big coke drinker but I do like to have one if I go out to eat. As I mentioned before, the weekends are my toughest time. We usually eat out more Fri-Sun and I’m not really good at picking the healthier options. I have found if I cheat during the week, say on Tuesday or Wednesday Im more likely to recover and not cheat on the weekends.

      Since you work at a health store, maybe you could help with some healthy additives I could use in my smoothies. I eat three protein smoothies after I work out but really only add protein supplements. What are some other options? I need to get more vitamins in my diet.

      Working out is my thing so don’t take this wrong. 50 minutes of cardio and only 15 minutes of weight training is a little unbalanced. Dont misunderstand, 50 minutes of cardio is awesome, I wish i could do that much but weight training is so important. Most the people I see who focus mainly on cardio seem to be more flabby once they hit their goal weight rather than fit. Know what I mean? Sure they lost the weight but their body looks strange to me. Maybe I have different goals. I want to have a very muscular body that is easy to keep up with. I don’t want huge muscles but just a tone body.

      Try this. Back off the cardio 15 minutes and add it to your weight training routine. If you’re just trying burn more calories than build muscle try this routine

      Full body work out three times a week.: 3 sets of 15 per exercise with a 30-45 sec rest between sets.

      1. Regular and Incline bench
      2. Tricep extensions
      3. Bicep Curls
      4. Leg Press
      5. Shoulder Shrugs

      1. Pushups
      2. Tricep EZ Bar Extension
      3. Tricep Dip- they usually have a machine
      4. Standing alternating Bicep Curl
      5. Cable curl- bicep
      6. Lat Pull Down

      1. Regular and Incline flys
      2. Bent Over Tricep Kickback (click for video)
      3. Hammer bicep curls
      4. Machine Row
      5. Calf raises

      Dang I can’t post links to videos to show you what the exercise looks like. I can send them to you via email if you need them.

      Since you are doing so much cardio don’t worry too much about working your legs. In fact you can cut them out all together if you up the resistance on the elliptical or use the bike. I get on the upright bike and put it on the max resistance…do that for 15-20 minutes and I guarantee your legs will get tone. The key to this workout is not resting all that much. Stay on one exercise till its complete. If you really want to get crazy throw in a set of sit-ups while you’re “resting”. You will not only burn a ton of calories but you will get in tremendous shape as well. If you need to only do one exercise per muscle group to start out thats fine. Just slowly add exercises. Remember your body will continue burning calories for hours after you lift weights. You don’t get quite the same results with just focusing on cardio.

      Hopefully this makes sense.

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