I Need Your Help!!

 If I’m going to have a fitness blog and talk about ways to be “healthy” then I have to hold myself accountable to the things I say. I can’t sit here and tell you to eat right and exercise if I’m not even doing it myself. So, let me start with a confession. Here it goes: I’ve gained 10 lbs since the beginning of December. Phew….I feel better. :)

Right now you’re probably freaking out and having a fit. Throwing things at the computer screen and crying like a baby. Ok maybe not but I’m sure in some small way you’re disappointed and to be honest, so am I. Yes, there are reasons for the weight gain: A busted ankle, the holidays, not being able to hit the gym, but manly it was laziness.  I didn’t set out on this journey a year and a half ago to end up right back where I started. Some might say it’s only 10 lbs, what’s the big deal? Well 10 lbs can turn into 20..30…60…85. And let me be completely 100% honest, THAT AINT HAPPENIN FOLKS. The skinnier, healthier, more confident Lyell is here to stay.

My goal weight is 225 lbs and right now I’m sitting at 250, leaving only 25 lbs to go. That’s nothing! I’m tired of waiting for the last remaining pounds to just magically fall off my body. If there is one thing I’ve learned throughout this process is that you WILL NOT lose weight without diet and exercise…I mean unless you have a tape worm.

The plan is simple.

  • Cut my calories back to about 1500 a day,
  • Eat 5-6 times a day,
  • Cardio sessions 3 times a week, 3 full body work outs at the gym
  • Drink coffee in the morning, water all day and caffeine free green tea right before bed.

Now, depending on how much cardio I can fit in, a weight loss of 3-4 pounds a week is attainable. So it should take approximately 6-8 weeks to lose it all. This isn’t a “starve myself till I lose the weight” diet. I want to get as much protein, fiber and veggies in me each day as possible.  If I’m going to reduce my calories, I have to make sure what I eat is designed to stimulate my metabolism not hurt it.

So who’s with me? What  I need is accountability. Will power can only take you so far and sometimes you need that extra support to get over the hump. I’d love to have some “partners” to help keep me accountable.What better way to start off the year than with a two month butt kicking, fat burning, confidence boosting diet?  There’s no better time than now!

Be well,



8 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!!

  1. I am down with you, starting last week I returned to the gym. I went all five days last week and took the weekend off. I lost 4lbs. I went from 185lb up to 280lb and at the end of last week I was 275.5lb. I’m about to head to the gym. WE can do this. Don’t let up as you said 10lb can turn to 20lb ect ect ect. I kept telling myself that I’d start back next week and that week never came so I’m here to keep you going and I’d like you to do the same for me.

    • Totally man. Support is where its at. Without it most will fail. Im all over keeping each other accountable. My goal is to have a post every day with my progress. Probably will turn into a every other day thing. Just depends on my week. Check back in and let me know how things are going! LETS DO THIS!

  2. I will be here fir support. I gained15lb s in 6 weeks getting on birth control back in June. I CAN’T get it off. I just joined weight watchers last Monday. I need to eat more! I burn anywhere between 5-600 calories a work out and only eat 1000 cal so my body gets 500. I’m starving myself and storing my food as fat. I have lost 1.5 lbs in a week on WW. Let’s help each other out.

    • Of course! Thanks for stopping by!

      I have a couple of thoughts:

      I bet your body naturally burns about 1200 (if not more) in a day by doing nothing but sitting down.. Add what you burn during your work outs and you’re burning about 2100 calories a day. So you are actually in the negative almost 1000 calories. I agree, thats not good. Follow this link and see what your BMR is. Im curious to know. http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/

      You gotta find that sweet spot where you are eating enough food to keep from starving but not not too much where you struggle to lose weight. I find for most woman, eating about 1200-1500 cal a day is about right. Of course working out REALLY hard is the key. The harder you work out, the more you can eat.

      Btw, those 1000 calories..When do you eat them? Try and be specific.

  3. Lyell

    You should consider phasing in some of EET’s timing guidelines — getting your timing right along with your plan of a calorie restrictive diet and hard exercise will take your weight loss to an entirely new level–it’s the most powerful combination I have seen as you are getting a daily caloric deficit plus the most efficient use of your metabolism by eating the foods it can handle the best at different times of day.

    If you want to send me a typical eating, activity and exercise day that you follow along with the times you follow it, I can give you some suggestions to improve your timing.

    something like this

    7 am wake up — coffee with cream

    9 am breakfast — usually eggs and toast

    10 am 1 hour workout at the gym — mostly cardio

    etc etc

    It’s the least I can do for the most entertaining Tweeter of all time–GODDAMN OREGON–THEY HAD IT AT THE ONE YARD LINE–ARE YOU KIDDING ME!??

    Anyhow–You have lots of followers who will give you moral support, but I would love to offer you “metabolic support” as well –let me know if you want any help — I have no doubt it will provide you the help you are looking for.

    • Actually that regiment is what i do now. Well at least 3 days a week. the other 4 i work out after work but keep the same eating routine. No meals past 6-7. Try and eat carbs early and get in at least 5 meals in a day. I added your caffeine free green tea idea to the end of my day. Haven’t been doing it long enough to tell if it works.

      LOL! Yes I hate Oregon now….almost as much as Auburn. How hard is it to throw the ball against one of the worst pass defenses in the SEC? Jesus christo!

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