How I Lost 80+ Pounds: Part 1

It occurred to me over this past weekend that I really have yet to explain exactly how I lost 80+ pounds in a year. I’ve made it quite clear it was all due to exercise and eating right but I have yet to actually spell out “my way”  in plain English. (no jokes on my poor use of the English language.)

How did it all begin?

When I was 18, I weighed about 225ish (can’t really remember). I stepped on the scales back in October of ’09 and was 325 pounds. So in 10 years I gained  roughly 100 lbs. How exactly does that happen? Well in my opinion, how I gained 100 lbs is just as important as how I lost it. Cause you can’t lose 100 lbs over night and you damn sure can’t gain it that quickly either. It’s a slow process that was/is rooted in extreme laziness, poor decisions and self-doubt. Health tip: The mind is the strongest muscle in your body. Tame it and you can conquer anything.

Think about this for a second. I’ve heard many people say it’s harder to lose weight than gain it. Really? It took me ten years to gain 100 but only one year to lose it..Um sounds like the complete opposite to me. When I hear overweight people say it’s too hard to lose weight, all I see is a big, red, blinking ‘LAZY’ sign going off over their head. Face the facts people. It’s not hard. It just takes self-discipline.

Anyways, back to my story. How did I gain the weight? That’s a simple question to answer. I ate a lot and never exercised. It wasn’t genetics, my social status or anything else. I was just lazy.

Back then, I bet weeks would pass without a a single ounce of WATER entering my body. My “water” was Mountain Dew (2-3 20 oz bottles a day), coffee, sweet tea and 2% milk (2 gallons a week). I would eat two corn dogs, a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips and a Mt. Dew for lunch…three to four times a week. McDonald’s was a home cooked meal. Chinese take out was a bi-weekly dinner. I cooked pasta pretty much every other weekend, then ate the left overs all week. Sweets weren’t really my thing but I would eat at least two really hefty desserts a week. I would order two large pizza’s and eat one all by myself. Dairy Queen, Burger King and Rally’s were all places I called home.

It’s a safe bet to say I was consuming nearly 3-4000 calories a day (if not more) and not doing a lick of exercise. (My body only naturally burns about 2300 a day without doing anything.) So I was a good +15oo-2000 calories a day. Health tip: A pound of fat equals 3500 calories. So if I was 2000 + a day, by the end of the week I had consumed 14,000 EXTRA calories. That comes out to a possible weight gain of 4 lbs a week. INSANITY. Pure craziness.

Now there was a point where my body plateaued. Which was about 325 lbs. I got to the place where I could eat as much as I wanted and really wouldn’t gain a pound. That’s a scary place to be in. You know you’re in trouble when you eat so much that your body can maintain a weight that is 120 lbs over what it should be.

So looking back its no wonder I was so big. To be honest, it’s truly a miracle I was only 325 lbs. The sad part is and the reason I started this site is that I know many people eat just as bad as I did. We all have different reasons. Sure depression can play a part and I can attest that some of my eating habits stemmed from a lack of self-confidence and slight depression. But we can’t use these “problems” as excuses on why we remain fat. I get it. We eat cause we are sad and we are sad cause we are fat. But there has to be a point where the will to be happy over takes the joy of eating a piece of cake.

I will being covering in Part II just how I went about losing a small person. But until then, think about your eating habits and start to really find out why you eat as much as you do. Because like I said, the mind will be your most powerful enemy but it can also by your biggest ally.

Be well,



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