More Important: Eating Right or Exercise?

The simple answer to this question is that both are equally as important. How can you be “healthy” if you don’t eat healthy or be fit if you don’t exercise? In my humble opinion you can’t.

Yesterday I stumbled across an article that was entitled “How to Eat Anything You Want and Be Fit For Life“. Just the title alone pisses me off. If you want to go read the three-part series go ahead. It’s basically just another fad that leads people down an unhealthy lifestyle and teaches them terrible eating habits.

The concept is known as EET Fitness Plan or Eating and Exercise TIMING. The idea is that if you eat at certain times of the day and work out you will still lose weight and be “healthy” for life. The selling point is

No Dieting, Calorie Counting or Supplements –
Just Eating The Foods YOU CHOOSE To Eat At the Right Times!

I’m not here to blast this guys idea or “Plan”. It obviously worked for him and a few other people, so I can’t completely discredit his method. My argument here is the mindset that you create when you say “I’m going to eat whatever I want”.

FACT: You don’t become fat by making good eating or exercise choices. And you can’t be healthy by making poor choices either.

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about  YOUR choices. Most of the time when I see methods like EET they come from people who need to drop 20 or so pounds or from personal trainers who’ve always been fit. They certainly aren’t developed by people who know what it’s like to struggle with their weight. Sure those people can eat candy, cupcakes, drink soda, eat sugar loaded foods, high carb meals etc. and still be thin because their metabolism allows them to do so. I’d like to see them try to lose 80+ lbs by eating whatever they want. FACT: It won’t happen.

Riddle me this, what happens when that person who’s eating cake everyday, along with a slew of other terrible foods ceases to work out? Will they maintain their weight? The answer is 100% NO! Obviously, over time they will gain the weight back and probably pack on a few extra pounds. Why do you think many professional athletes gain weight immediately following their retirement. They are used to burning thousands of calories a day combined with a very high caloric diet. But once that  high intensity training is over the truth is the eating doesn’t stop. Which leads to massive weight gains. Most of us aren’t professional athletes but our bodies work the same.

So what is the answer to which is more important, “Exercise or Dieting”? Well, in my humble opinion it’s Dieting. As the old saying goes:

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” – Confucius

My goal is similar. Teach people how they can eat healthy everyday, and they’ll be healthy for a lifetime. It’s all about your mindset. Combine that healthy diet with excercise and you are indeed set for life.

If you would like to get started on becoming a more healthier you, just email me at

Be well,



13 thoughts on “More Important: Eating Right or Exercise?

  1. Lyell

    A member found your post and forwarded it to me.

    I enjoyed and appreciate your professionally written post. I’m sure you offer a good service to those you help.

    I would ask that you take the time to learn the EET Fitness Plan’s details though because I think EET can deliver what you are saying it cannot.

    EET bases weight loss on TIMING foods, not exercise. In fact many participants simply use their normal daily activities as their exercise — they now just properly time those activities with their eating.

    I only recently have added members that need to lose more than 80 pounds so I can’t say if people can lose 80 or more, but I see no reason why not. However EET has have had 2 members lose upwards of 50 pounds thus far that was far more than they ever lost on any “healthy eating plan in the past”. Both are about 9 months into their plans and doing very well. One is Jim who you can see on our success stories who is a serious Type 2 diabetic and heart attack survivor.

    His health has never been better and he’s off of well over half his medications, and we hope to see him get off of virtually of of them (if not all) .

    Most importantly, Jim has never done ONE high intensity interval — it would be very dangerous for him to do so.

    Some other EETers don’t do any formal exercise at all and have lost weight. Timing is a very powerful approach to reaching your metabolism, exercise can accelerate this process, but it’s not essential as long as you eat the correct foods at the correct times. And EET knows that there are times every day where people can eat those foods you claim will harm them. EETers are succeeding BECAUSE they can eat those foods — it keeps their plans very sustainable.

    EET’s not old enough to prove it can be sustained for 20 years, but we believe the plan is sound enough to prove that, and those that learn it agree–including most recently a Doctor — see our latest Success Story

    Dr. (MD) Tries EET – Loses 14 Pounds FAST – PICS!

    our blog address is –

    she (an OBGYN) finds the plan quite nutritionally sound and healthy–recommends it to all her patients now too. You’ll note she also is only an occasional HIIT user–she lost her weight through TIMING her eating with her work, horseback riding etc.

    EET is happy to answer any questions you have about Eating and Exercise TIMING (EET). EET agrees with your comments about LEARNING how to eat healthy — if you want to learn about how EET has accomplished the same thing your philosophy has while also allowing members to eat all the foods they love, just drop me a line and I would be happy to provide you more details.

    Best of luck to you in your weight loss and fitness efforts!

    EET Fitness

    • Jon,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and responding. Hopefully you weren’t offended by my thoughts. Like I said, my intent wasn’t to say you’re wrong or that your plan doesn’t work. Obviously it does work and has helped many people lose weight.

      As a person who weighed 325 lbs a year ago and had a serious addiction to food, it’s hard for me to accept the theory of eating anything you want and still lose weight. (even if you’ve shown it works) It’s not even the “eating” part I can’t get my head around. Again, it’s the mindset that the thinking creates. Most people are overweight because they eat like crap and don’t exercise. They’re metabolism is so slow, their bodies can’t burn the calories fast enough to keep pace. By eating the right kind of foods and combining that with an exercise routine, their metabolism increases and the weight comes off.

      My focus is not about helping people lose weight fast. It’s actually the complete opposite. It took me 12 months to lose 80 lbs (6.6 lbs a month) and will probably take me a while to lose the remaining 20 or so. I want to help people change their mindset and start thinking like a healthy person. If they can make simple, effective changes in their diet, over time they will be much more successful in keeping off their weight.

      The one thing we agree on is that if you eat certain foods at certain times of the day your body will chew it up and spit it out much faster…I just don’t agree that those foods can be anything.

      Again, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to reply with your thoughts. Good luck. And keep on positively changing people’s lives. Because at the end of the day, that is what both us are trying to do.

      Be well,

      Lyell Walker

  2. Hi Lyell, I started out with a modified atkins. I met Jon, on facebook. I think you are missing out on something important by not reading up more on Jon’s plan. Moderation is important,but equally important is eating the heavier meals early in the day, the way our forebears did. I am slowly learning that by eating the heavier meals earlier, my body is much happier. To eat a heavy meal and then go to bed is just inviting fat to build. When we eat earlier those meals we give the body a chance to burn off the calories. Jon says if you want a sweet or treat have it early. Life should be enjoyed. For me Jon’s plan fits great with the modified atkins. I can have a potatoe baked with some butter earlier in the day, veggies and proteins too. just lets me know I do not have to totally deprive myself of anything. I can plan on when and where to fit something in. If I am out I still can have something and not feel left out when others are enjoying. I get to choose what I want to enjoy. Yet the big thing is not feeling deprived. That leads to guilt if you indulge. Wishing you the best,patti

    • Patti,

      Thanks for stopping by. As I mentioned in my reply to Jon, my problem with EET isn’t about the “eat at the right times”. Of course you need to eat early, and eat the right foods at the right time so that your body reacts correctly.

      My point is and will always be that you just can’t eat crap and expect to be “healthy”. We aren’t just talking about losing weight but searching for a healthier life style.

      Atkins at first was thought to be a “healthy” diet but research has shown that we need carbs (whole wheat), sugar, and gluten in our diet so that our body functions properly. Also, if we eat primarily fatty meats our heart is at risk. So we now know that a more balanced approach is the way to go. Its not that Atkins was wrong, its just that if your goal is to be healthy, it’s not the best choice.

      I truly hope that EET works for you but I also hope like everything, you do it in moderation and that it helps you in the long run.

      Be well,
      Lyell Walker

  3. Good stuff…I just lost 26.6 lbs and decreased my body fat from 33.4%-24.9% (measured via DXA) with the fuel/energy coming from snack cakes and milk predominantly. I did shift a little this past week due to left over Halloween candy. Cholesterol/blood lipids are all better than when I started.

    Mark D. Haub, Ph.D.

  4. Hi Lyell!
    First off, congratulations on your weight loss! Amazing! A good friend of mine was about your previous weight TWO years ago, and it’s taken her that long to lose 80 pounds. And just another 20 to go — fantastic.

    I wanted to leave a quick comment about EET. I’m a new member and over the last 3 weeks have seen what I would consider “optimum” results (2 lbs/week) with very little exercise – I think I’ve spent about 1.5 hours total doing the fitness part of the plan. (sorry, Jon!) So even though I don’t have 80 pounds to lose, I am certainly not one of those fitness-y people with fabulous metabolisms who can eat anything and stay thin. On the contrary, it took me a full year to lose 5 pounds while running 25 miles/week, doing 8 hours of martial arts, and basically starving myself!

    One thing Jon is good at is truth in advertising. You CAN eat what you want and lose weight – sustainably. (I know I’ve only been at this for a few weeks but how could I not sustain a diet that lets me eat cookies, pancakes, funnel cake, greasy burgers, and beer?!) I think you may have misinterpreted Jon’s statement to mean “you can eat however much you want of whatever you want whenever you want.” That’s not EET. That’s a recipe for disaster.

    I encourage you to ask Jon as many questions as you like; he is very open about the science and philosophy of EET and cares more about helping people toward happiness than about lining his own pocket by creating a “fad” diet and marketing it to unsuspecting people who are desperate to lose weight. His program really works; we newbies just have to be sure to do what he says until we learn EET and internalize the program fully for ourselves.

    I do appreciate your concern about protecting people from fraudulent claims for weight loss, which seem to dominate our culture these days. However, I assure you that EET FIT is a legitimate, fun, healthy, EASY way to get the body you should have. Trust me, just today I got back into my “skinny” jeans. :-)

    Best wishes, and good luck with your continued health and fitness goals.


      • Lyell

        I am truly sorry EETers hijacked this thread — never meant for that to happen–just some very nice new members who have had some early success, and know what EET goes through in terms of being judged harshly by folks who aren’t very open minded — you are NOT one of those people who have done that, and I appreciate it.

        Your point is very well taken that it’s all about a plan that can get you to your weight loss and fitness goals that you can sustain for the long term –EET ALWAYS talks in terms of permanent weight loss–what happens short term is great, but if it can’t be sustained, it’s not very meaningful in the big picture.

        Anyhow–just wanted to say I have appreciated your comments, am far from offended, and hope you will consider an offer for FREE ACCESS to the EET fitness members website as a way to let you know EET thinks your values are good ones, and we would like you to understand where EET is coming from, and have NO problem whatsoever with you continuing to write your opinions (good or bad) about EET any time.

        EET wants, no EET NEEDS to stand up to the scrutiny of people who really know weight loss and fitness, so if you have time and interest just email me at and I will give you all the info you need to access the entire site–and you can let me and your readers (if you like) know if EET is truly offering something of value for people who need to lose weight of any amount, or if EET is a better fit for only a select class of people.

        Seeing your background on your site, I personally would like to know what you think–but of course the choice is yours. Either way, EET appreciates your allowing the comments to be heard and I will try to keep future comments to a minimum unless you ask for them.

        Best of luck to you and your readers

        EET Fitness

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