My Recipes! Protein Fruit Smoothie!

There are a lot of smoothie joints out there promoting high protein smoothies. People who lift weights are always looking for easy ways to pack in protein immediately following their work out. Unfortunately, most of these smoothies are more like shakes, chalked full of sugar, carbs (more sugar) and salt. Its true, you need those three elements after a hard work out to replenish the much-needed nutrients needed to sustain and grow muscle. But once again, these “corporate” smoothies have way more than a person needs. Go figure.

This recipe gives you the power to dictate whats going into your body. Plus, you can make about 4 times the amount making it on your own, than buying an over priced, over sugar’d waste of your time.


6-8 Medium strawberries with tops cut off

1/2 cup plain, vanilla or strawberry yogurt (if you are looking to go light, buy the light version duh!) I use Dannon.

1 tbl peanut butter

1 serving whey protein powder

Handful of ice and a 1/4 cup water

A dash of salt

Ok, you’re probably thinking the peanut butter sounds strange. I personally like the flavor but I know my wife does not. If you want to omit it, go for it. But it does act as a thickener and provides a little extra protein. And the salt brings out the flavors of the strawberries and is important to replenishing any extra sodium lost during your work out.


Basically, just throw everything into a blender and puree until mixed. Pretty simple.

The important thing to remember is have fun. Try different flavors and fruits. Just don’t get away from it being home-made. The recipe above has only

482 Calories
12.15 Fat grams
114 mg cholesterol
364 g Sodium
43.7g  Carbs
32.9 g Sugars
5 g Fiber
51 g Protein

It is also extremely well-balanced. I drink this every day no more than 30 minutes after I lift weights. If you think it’s too high in calories, reduce the volume, choose light yogurt or do away with the peanut butter. It’s really up to you.

Be well,

2 thoughts on “My Recipes! Protein Fruit Smoothie!

  1. I love smoothies! Wanted to share a couple things that I do a little differently with my smoothies. I def recommend trying them out and seeing what you think:

    – I freeze my fruit. Throwing them in when they’re frozen eliminates the need for ice.

    – I add skim milk instead of water. This adds more protein, doesn’t water down the taste, and gives a smooth consistency that’s easy to drink.

    – I sometimes like to add canned fruits like peaches or pinneapple. You may be getting fruits that are a little more processed this way, but the juices from the canned fruits are soo tasty!

    – I add in Greek yogurt which has twice the amount of most regular yogurt out there! There’s a handful of great brands out there, but I use Chobani.

    So yummy!

    • Yeah man I changed to frozen strawberries as well. I find if I use milk it makes it too thick, this is why I use water. The greek yogurt sounds delish but I can only find it small packets. Where do you buy yours at?

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