A New Direction

It might be a surprise to many people who know me that I’ve chosen to start a “”Fitness” blog. To be completely honest, it kinda shocked me as well. Seven months ago I weighed 322 lbs, was lazy, lethargic, had absolutely no motivation to do anything and was pretty much just a blob. So it’s no wonder a few people might wonder why on earth I would start a blog having anything to do with Fitness…

So why in god’s name would I do this? Well, over the last seven months I have lost 55+ lbs, dropped my body fat percentage by over 15% and have done a complete 180 in how I go about living my life. Never before in my 28 years of life have I been more energetic, positive and emotionally/ physically stable. Not only do I look and feel different but for the first time in my life, I am healthy. I am truly a different person.

So FitnessYourWay is definitely a new direction for me. Over the next year I plan on obtaining my Personal Trainers license and pursing a hobby (not a career) in helping people change their lives. Getting healthy, not just dropping a few pounds isn’t nearly as hard as people make it out to be. All it takes is consistency, determination and believing that you CAN change your life.

Again, my mission isn’t just to help people lose weight. It’s to motivate people to change their lives, so that they can truly start living.

Be well,



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